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Just Now

Just now:
Insanity?  Where do we run?
Sanctuary when will it come?
Time flies  when you are having fun!
Days drag when you don’t feel as one,
Need that piece of us to get by,
Meaning and thought that keeps us high,
Above fear, anger and toil,
We need spirit that is loyal,
Any moment that we can share,
When our calm mind can be aware,
Of ourselves, our freedom and love,
To find peace, when push comes to shove,
Work hard, play hard, and relax too,
We need to see a good way, to get through.

Stellar Path

The world is still growing and flourishing,
Burgeoning …. Without us even knowing,
Misplaced attention is not nourishing,
True intentions may just not be showing,
The exact same path could still lead to goals,
Even when outward actions are missing,
Surely results can take their social tolls,
Like when we’re forced to no longer listen,
Fortunate that destiny is planned out,
Seems unfair when the sky is pouring grey,
The fine thread that runs through – no one can doubt,
Like the sun will burn in space any way,
How do we know that it ends up alright?
Think of countless nights with endless starlight

All Planned Out?


Painting: Lee Matuga

I have awoken to music,

Hints of my dream frame life,

Just peripheral – the drive of my dream may never be realized…

I understand my goals, but they are frozen in time,

Only a few drops of purity drip down into what I know,

How do I break through?

Where is the passage?

Is it behind closed doors?

Or a blur in distant lights?

Am I through now and trapped only by doubt?

I think it all just takes time,

Clinging on to what we can,

We must seize the moment,

Savour the sweet and remit or spit out the bitter,

Build success thorough accumulating advances,

Integrate dreams with hard-work, good luck and patience,

Until we can make our stand and it all joins the plan,

Destiny driven by fragments of dreams,

The work ethic in free-will,

Guided by pure chance,

Creating fluid experience that should by all rights be a happy balance,

A project for all

Voice of a Loon


Picture taken by my Dad

When you learn that the world is mystical,

Dealing with science creates enigma,

Without worries, life may seem whimsical,

But creative fires smoke with stigma,

When praise embraces the smudge of the cloud,

We are enabled to feel clean and proud,

A message may come through quiet or loud,

Yet others must strain to get past the shroud,

Through morning fog we hear the crying loon,

Like songs we hear meaning behind the tune,

Just a bird or does it join in your dream?

Life and art may change, seen through rising steam,

Advances, grandeur, the modern day’s plan,

Pure truth still taught by an ancient shaman

Ice Dip

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Jump into the ice cold glacier-fed pool,
Cliff high above, dropping down breaks a rule,
Those here before will try to alert us,
Takes breath away, before you resurface,
Gasping, splashing, swimming fast for the rock,
Must be quick or you will go into shock,
The beauty is serene, so inviting,
Sun seems warm, but blue water is biting,
Dare-devil dives down, dusts off and drips dry,
Sure some shake and shiver- some still gun-shy,
Things that I’ve done I may not do again,
Exhilarates still, I can’t forget when

I was thinking about jumping into ice water – as I waited for a job interview the other day (BTW- I got it!!).  Years ago we used to do cliff-diving.  Not such a safe idea, but it is thrilling.  This picture is the closest photo in appearance, that I have – to where we used to go.  When I am hiking in the future, near our old spots – I will update this picture on my website.

I have been skydiving almost a dozen times, and all sorts of other adventures.  I try to be much more safe now, because I realize how many people (besides me) need me to be alive.  Not only that, but if you screw up once by going too hard in adrenaline sports – you may never get a chance to do it again.  Ironic.  I want to keep having cool experiences, so at least I buckle up on the roller coaster or zip-lining… 🙂 Really though – I love that wild kind of feeling.  It really makes me want to be outdoors, or going fast.  I do not want those experiences to stop. Now, I just play more safe. Thinking back and looking at some good memories satisfies in big ways too.  Summer is coming…

Sometimes going into an interview or a new situation provides adrenaline.  That can be an icky kind of adrenaline.  Still: mindfulness and savouring of any exciting moment can make life more enjoyable.

Future Plans

stars 11-1 (2)


Up above in the sky I see the stars,

I want to reach up and strain to grab one,

Holding my whole life in my hands and arms,

I can see that I already have one,

Hello fine world – how you stay fair to me,

Beauty unbound in the rays that you shine,

I look away, your image I still see,

This earth we cradle, surely yours and mine,

Understanding should look to the future,

Optimism makes chances stay brighter,

Self-fulfilling prophecies are for sure,

Best occurring when feelings are lighter,

Life has so many trials and demands,

The constellations connect all our plans

Something in Between

latest14 015

I wrote this poem in the 1990’s. It reflects the mystery I felt in my life, the uncertain power and the heavy music.  Allusion to Black Sabbath here.

Something in Between

Sky is endless black, and the stars are forever bright,

My eyes fill with fire burning in the night,

Dancing demons, or singing angels,

These timid strangers lead to unseen danger,


My mind drifts deep as I close my eyes tight,

My body falls asleep as I’m pulled into the night,

Spirits fly high, but my body waits below,

I fight to free my soul, with everything I know,


I use my love to conquer all fear,

I have gained control, so I am safe here,

Now I lie awake, but my dreams seem real,

The sun, the moon, the stars – all have my seal


Sky is endless black, and the stars are forever bright,

My eyes fill with icy fire burning in the night,

Dancing demons, or singing angels,

These timid strangers lead to unseen danger,


My mind drifts deep as I close my eyes tight,

My body falls asleep as I’m pulled into the night,

Spirits fly high, and our friends wait below,

I fight to raise our souls, with everything I know

Circles of Power

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Loud ugly warrant echoes in your head,

Dark symphony with the heavy pretense,

Was it me or you that misunderstood?

Anger appeared just like our hunger should,

Cause when I hear it time after time,

Blood starts boiling, even with focussed mind,

Who has the right to be a hypocrite?

Give your head a shake and think about it,

If you had the time, would you show more reason?

This dimly-lit circle, filled with treason,

Is it all in my head? I don’t think so,

Where does the truth lie? We both think we know


In a power imbalance, sometimes empathy becomes more difficult – from both sides. Empathy can be overlooked when one in a power imbalance is reaching for a subjectively ‘greater’ goal.  This can seem like hypocrisy, and definitely create misunderstanding.   When we feel like we are on the receiving end of this, we can become bitter.  It is also easy to exaggerate the fault of others – when it is affecting us.

What I am alluding to in this poem, is that when you are all about certain values – it can cause a misunderstanding and anger when you appear to go against those values, and perhaps even unknowingly cause others grief in the process.  Yes, I’m angry today, but it will soon fade away. (It has faded away, realizing that it was just my perspective that caused a misunderstanding). In my opinion: forgiveness is absolutely important (but not so much that it makes you vulnerable).

Message: Practice what you preach.  Stand by your values – especially when preaching them.  BUT especially: Don’t lose site of empathy, yet be prepared to find it difficult at times.  Funny how the comfort zone that you create for yourself can even blind you to your own preaching and equality.  Often this is just a part of human nature?  We work hard for our goals and values, but when it is time to rest: sometimes we may lose sight.  Still, there is no excuse to ignore others if you have the resources to pay attention.

If you have worked hard and with consideration for your own quality of life: you deserve it!  If you can maintain health, and quality of life- and still can reach out to help others – there is no excuse not to.  We do need to make choices in how we spend our resources.  We can not lose sight of that, especially when we are trying to understand others.  Also: in a time of need, we must hold on to patience, be strong and be diligent in improving our own life and whenever possible, help other lives.

Sounds good

9000feb2009 002

Forgive my stare, with no apprehension,

Your song each day invites my attention,

When you fly up so high into the sky,

I can’t climb up no matter how hard I try,

Don’t mind my haze, the fog down on the ground,

I wallow for days, when I can’t hear a sound,

Then uplifting moments as your voice chimes,

The dark hours melt into better times,

Forget the gloom that can silence the earth,

Your sight and sound, increase all of its worth,

Distinct beauty – it seems to be so rare,

Something in your quick glance says that you care,

When you look this way, then this is my day,

The sky blue or grey, For your music I pray

The photograph is connected to the sonnet, but this is not the main relationship that I refer to. 🙂


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Oh well, what the hell can you do?

We had to burn a bridge or two,

Wake up ancient changeling,
Come see what the day brings,
Your mood will appear strong,
Can we hear your sweet song?
Generations of love,
With such strength from above,

Are we on the right side,

What does the future hide?
Spiritless culture frowns,
Bringing the faithful down,

Had to leave them behind,

Our efforts are still kind,
Patiently we will wait,
And hope it’s not too late