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up to Xmas2011 208

Oh well, what the hell can you do?

We had to burn a bridge or two,

Wake up ancient changeling,
Come see what the day brings,
Your mood will appear strong,
Can we hear your sweet song?
Generations of love,
With such strength from above,

Are we on the right side,

What does the future hide?
Spiritless culture frowns,
Bringing the faithful down,

Had to leave them behind,

Our efforts are still kind,
Patiently we will wait,
And hope it’s not too late

Shift Work

2014 jan 063


God said feel your way fledgling,

And the lone young bird hopped off the branch, high in the tree top,

Day grew old,

And the sun sunk into a red fiery haze,

The young bird enveloped in darkness, as it sleeps through the night,

A small mammal wakes to the nighttime world,

The moon calmly nudges the creature into its nocturnal flight,

In search of food:  insects,

Mysterious travels

Sight in sound, beyond that




There is so much to see in nature.  Sometimes we can see a leap of faith.  At night, it is hard to see.  Sometimes I use my imagination (of course when we dream).  Cool to think about bats, that have a different sort of sense.  Flying through the night based on sonar.  At some point the travels between faith and sense are intersected by instinct – impulsivity.  There definitely seems to be a period of learning.


Strong supports

morning in the city

Pleasure-filled moments of triumph living,

In my memories and in my new days,

Nothing is missing in these scattered times,

I have been without pain and now faith stays,

Now I have forgotten the suffering,

Even in dreams I am free to wander,

Love in the landscape that speeds below me,

As I lay down: no worries to ponder,

Then it happened, chance delivers a blow,

Falling through clouds, smashing down far below,

There was no warning sign as faith just died,

An empty void where my body had lied,

Pulled pieces together with help from friends,

Rebuilt the structures supporting my way,

Impulsive moves could disturb plans again,

A guide with compassion and it would stay,

Strength of the body, beauty in the mind,

Reason to believe in peace that I find


Strength comes from within, but friends and a compassionate guide can help restore faith.  Optimism also helps build peace.