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Shift Work

2014 jan 063


God said feel your way fledgling,

And the lone young bird hopped off the branch, high in the tree top,

Day grew old,

And the sun sunk into a red fiery haze,

The young bird enveloped in darkness, as it sleeps through the night,

A small mammal wakes to the nighttime world,

The moon calmly nudges the creature into its nocturnal flight,

In search of food:  insects,

Mysterious travels

Sight in sound, beyond that




There is so much to see in nature.  Sometimes we can see a leap of faith.  At night, it is hard to see.  Sometimes I use my imagination (of course when we dream).  Cool to think about bats, that have a different sort of sense.  Flying through the night based on sonar.  At some point the travels between faith and sense are intersected by instinct – impulsivity.  There definitely seems to be a period of learning.


Natural teacher

08-2013 001

Branches of searching cedar reach to me,

Immensely kind, strong gestures of a tree,

Knows all that passes, centuries aware,

Embracing glance, an immovable stare,

Rocky bluff stretches, mountain bobs and weaves,

The coloured ground ripples with roots and leaves,

From mulch fern emerge, symmetric green frills,

Random growth springs free, whatever Earth wills,

Waterfalls shining, with bright sparkling gleams,

Hidden moment below, pool deeply dreams,

Creek joins others, brooks become a river,

Dripping wet creature begins to shiver,

Each season, all year, spirits return here,

Teach reason, not fear, forever lurks near

Scenery Figures in Time

Buntzen Lake

The form of the beach is so finely determined,

The criss-cross of shoe treads looking like bird prints,

Even the far shore is alive with colour,

Lying fog more apparent on the other –


The channel right between where the mountains meet,

The hydro station past the green, buried deep,

These bright creations converge near the pavement,

As human nature wades in on the ancient –


A strong tree grows from the hundred-year-old stump,

Some fishing boats troll for trout near the pump,

Engineering feats are often in these years,

World view that’s secluded – to me seems quite clear –


Planes above, dimensions are on level ground,

Beach view, city view – won’t change my reaction,

Bad mood, or good mood is where my action’s found,

It’s the natural social-species question,


How do we keep things from falling all over?

It’s what we receive from the environment,

We need confidence to keep it all rolling,

Strategies to handle what’s inside our head –


Everything around us has an effect,

If this lake of water has so much power,

It will change in time with the way we reflect,

As it has changed my time in the last hour,





Wild side~

I had a chance to go to my ‘sanctuary’ today.  I need that time to think.  It is also calming for me to write, so before I made all my plans for work and chores, I took a bit of time to write the poem above.  You can actually hike way up into the mountains here.  There’s waterfalls – both natural, and part of the hydro system.  Up at the top – it feels more pristine, but the lake and beach are still inspiring and beautiful. B.C. eh?

Sacred Spot


A Look-Out in Nature:  Perceptions – Free of Stigma and Economy’s Social Trials

When there is absolutely nothing better to do,

I read a book, few of ancient eyes ever knew,

Why sit passively writing past the end of days’ view,

The sky stretched across the city, the snapshot stays true,

The bright shining sphere lights up every page outside,

No one has seen this before – the day’s light has never lied,

This moment waited forever until now to be tried,

Vision reels with the core view – the stigma why I cried,

My perception is not seen, by anyone but me,

Injustice of a few things, are hard for them to see,

With righteous eyes opening, connecting is a key,

My cognition is grinding until the day I’m free,

Yesterday had good hours, now – maybe today too,

Have to keep the world spinning, when worries may seem few,

One moment of comfort falters, and that is one sure cue,

Proving complex points of view, can really take you through,

You see nothing that I claim – my writing seems a bore,

Last verse there’s a challenge that you really can’t ignore,

Just like the convenience you bought from the closest store,

The package seems the same as every one before,


After long hours, I reflect on the day…


When there is absolutely nothing better to do,

I may seek dark hues aged-fine to help me make it through,

I may play on fields of grass if I start to feel so blue,

The absolute strongest way to live, just known by me and you:

Just to stare at the sky across the country that is bright but grey,

The white clouds have drifted beyond the trees where I lay,

Fly wings, fly – chase distant dreams overlapping the day,

Flocks of birds pass by above, spinning high as I pray,

Eagle circling my prayer of love, shadowed in the seas,

Salty schools of fish spied, I sit in the tops of trees,

Then up to the mountains, where the ancient waters freeze,

Just below, scenic plateau, there is a telling breeze,

The look-out, hidden from economy’s social trials,

My face is not well-known, but is seen by all the miles,

The evolution of this place, the inner ghost it riles,

Nature laughs among itself, the true free-thinker smiles,

As I stop to think, really summon my spirit thought,

I gaze far and wide- imagine each secluded plot,

What will this environment dictate, What else has been taught?

Where, when and how can I rise in life,

as to this sacred spot?


I wrote this today about a hike yesterday…. There are a few other meanings involved.  Feel free to ask.

Refreshing Exercise

02-13 023

I got off from work just after lunch that day… in the spring.  I drove to the lake to go for a hike.  I hiked up the mountainside on a trail that I have traveled many times.  Weeks ago: it was a different trail.  It had since been transformed.  Partly up the mountain I found that snow had piled up.  It was as if a dump-truck had just been emptied.  After a certain line of altitude and colder temperature, snow just appeared, instantly coming into vision in coldly-carved drifts, as I climbed the steps right before it, to bring it into view.  I did not expect it, but I was still dressed appropriately with a warm jacket, boots and gloves.  By the time I had reached the look-out point (about an hour and a half up the mountain) the snow was up to six or seven feet deep in places.  As I hiked up, it was not particularly cold, but the wind was gusting strong.  By the time I was at the look-out, clumps of moss and branches were falling from the tree-tops high above this British Columbia rain forest floor.

I had not planned on hiking all the way up, but the rain was holding off and the wind was inspiring in a way.  I took the challenge or the dare.  It’s not that it was much out of my way, in what is a short hike.  I had previously hiked the entire eight-hour hike across the ridge to the waterfall at the other-side of the lake, also in snowy conditions.  I did know the terrain.  I had also let a friend know where I was going, so at least I had taken appropriate steps.

Just to make it to the look-out was a invigorating reward for me.  Spiritual, in a sense.   I looked out over the lake, far across where snow drifts piled.  Only months before this had all been bare rock.  The wind continued to gust and it was not before long that I headed down.   When I got home – still in my steel-toed work boots (which made alright hiking boots), I wrote this poem.

 Motion to Create – Shaped by the Elements  (2013)

The rhythm of the tree we hang on frees us,
Trembling in the wind – And then falling back to earth,
A collective sigh in the social group-
We are free to express our inner thoughts,
The wasted ones left behind to rot,
No flavour in their life,
They twist in the breeze,
And fall to the leaves, forgotten and withering – never to make the next transition,  Forgotten,
Resurrected in the floods of Spring,
Flowing back into the system,
A revitalized memory – a new form:
At once gleaming in the sun, and still reflecting the past, the remains long gone,
Do we speak of the idle stone?  Piled, buried- just blending in,
The snow melts, the streams burst, the feet scuffle and the rock is shaken free,
The new momentum carries us far,
Forever moving with the changing time,
We choose the beaten path or forge a new way,
Shaped by the factory that is all around us,
Machines driven by an initial pulse,
Only producing what is within our reach

Today, I climbed the trail again.  It is uncertain times.  Work is slow.  It is hard finding hours and the hours that I do get seem to drag on endlessly, and painfully with injury.  I have very little interest in the subject matter of building construction.  It is essential, but I feel that my energy could be spent on work that is more meaningful to me, and a greater use of my skills.  A transition into research and psychology is happening, but it is hard to see if I can (ever) make a full career change.  On the trail today there was a sign printed out saying that a cougar had been spotted on September 8th.  I was happy to have my dog with me as a little added protection.  Respect for nature can take many shapes.  It can even allow a person to take a break from their problems and find inspiration.  Our own special spirituality.  Exercise is also a key to good health (and mental health).  Exercise, nature and being inspired each day can definitely contribute to better health.  You can take the stairs or hike a mountain.