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True to the Seasons

Seasons change

Shiny familiar faces

Fall away

Not gone

But instead feeding the future

Breaking down and touching the roots of our

Winter days

Ice of

Our feelings

Loss of

Yesterday’s frost

Makes way for calm sleep

To dream in peace

(save the rustling wind)


Wake up rejuvenated again


Feelings true

Kind and resilient faces

Here anew

Not lost

But rather healing for the future

Breaking thru and touching roots of our

Soul and fate

Haste in

Our feelings

Tests of

The day’s pressure

Gives way to calm deeds

To dream of peace

Get caught up in the wind


Soar until we are strong again


There is no match for our feelings

Words fail

Empathy strives to catch up

Seasons forever change

Yet understanding grows


Keeping pace


The utmost joy shared together

Or worst suffering

We fight to get hold of


Kindly remove hurt like roots of an invasive weed

and shake the dirt free


Petals drop

Vibrant pleasant faces

Wash away

At no cost

Freely drifting to the future

Breaking clean yet known in roots of

Timeless days


Feelings of

Loss of

The inevitable frost

Makes way for memories

To dream for peace

Embrace the refreshing wind


Stay true to the changing seasons

Shared Vision


through the haze

was dreaming

Cloudy days

I can clearly see

the page that needs reading

Search the lines

Find designs

Calm consideration for life is inspiring




in a moment

Strong endeavor

Words are potent

Think it clever

To share visions with others and be kind



through the blue

best breathing

Deep truth

I can clearly see

a line of news that needs reading

Search the skies

Find what lies

Calm consideration of life is defining




in a moment

Long endeavor

Minutes potent

Think to never

Share sad visions with others in absent mind



through the night

sun leaving

Out of sight

I can clearly see

Rights no one has been reading

Search my eyes

Find no surprise

Calm consideration of life is not hiding




in a moment

Wrong endeavor

Cynics potent

Let’s share visions with others only for peace of mind


Visions seen in fragments

until imagination and the world we know



With the help of language and

Good communication and the world we know



Seeing thru our own eyes



in a moment

One endeavor

Love is potent

When we share vision with others to be kind

A World in Waiting

For a world in waiting

She holds the spotlight

Putting new night in a calm trance

she casts her spell of kindness


Lifts a key and turns

As her angel rises

Timid waking hearts of a hopeful horizon beat furiously, fondly


A reflected vision

Sun and Moon forever fuel our dreams

and Love


For a world in waiting

She can be elusive

Hiding sometimes behind clouds and trees

Her gravity still grips us


A key jangles

In deep material

Bold, un-breaking hearts of the new day march to a beat of their own


Yet still influenced

By Sun and Moon who forever fuel our dreams

And Love


As we perch in our morning places

We know the need for nourishment and exercise

We venture out

Let the day welcome us!

And have our backs


Flutter & frolic with no fear

This is a branch we can share

When we follow the same sun

And are sheltered by the same moon

And We focus on Peace, Love & fairness

Barking Sense, Biting Defense

I’ve been uncertain

Just now being heard

It often takes more than

a calm, agreeing word

With all our


Individual needs

Sometimes we can’t help

biting the hand that feeds


We wait and wait for the offering to come down

No surprise that we’re chomping at what comes around


Shout an offhand remark

Fast as a ‘Yelp’

My loud incessant bark

Bared teeth asking for help

Life’s not a walk in the park

I’m here to protect

If I bite a hand that feeds

It’s by accident


At times I leap at an empty hand

Or a fist flying past again

If I bite hands that feed

It’s instinct right then


I’m not still hurting

Just got word and

We can work it out


A kind voice firmly heard

With all our


Individual needs

Give us trust and we won’t bite a hand that feeds


I’ll try not to leap at an empty hand

But let it fill up

and come back again


I’ll try to wait

so patiently

And let you know

If you missed me


Shout an offhand remark

Fast as a ‘Yelp’

My loud incessant bark

Bared teeth asking for help

Life’s not a walk in the park

But I’m here to protect

If I bite a hand that feeds

It’s by accident


At times I leap at a reaching hand

Or a foot kicking past again

If I bite out of need

It’s instinct right then

Peaceful Path

Many urgent moments

Without peace of mind

“Hurry get it done”

they say

“But Take your time!”?

Rushing to get ready

Rushing out the door

Trying to be steady

So we can work some more

Run errands

Fight traffic

Then Rush to get home

Calm seconds

I think:

Rushing’s wrong but when in Rome?


Many converging moments

With my peace of mind

“Slow down, be as one”

they say

“But don’t waste any time!”

Focus on each second

Focus on your work

Just try to reckon

Stop acting like a jerk

Speak calmly

Be perfect…

Focus on what you do

Be charming

I know:

Focus fast

for all of you

Because this is what we do

Until Everything is new


Everything is new

Morning colours exploding

Lines of symmetry, outstanding angles

Fresh vision is exposing

Fine glimmers free from tangles

I don’t rush past the moment

I slow down to see fall blooms

The smell of open air outweighs the fact that winter looms

I keep baseless fear in check

I stay present with injury

Call it a “a pain in the neck”

and nothing worse than it may seem

I try not to stress on tomorrow

Or look too far back

I look for assistance to borrow

Not the power hungry to attack

I have a certain awareness

Not always on a dime

The system forgets fairness

Nickels a waste of time

Should be a small penny

To be cared for by all of those

To find good Love and not lose touch

Or let resentment superimpose

To dollars be defensive

Share all that we still have



Hard work

Common sense to a Peaceful path

Tricks to Health, Share the Wealth

First waking up, I yawn

A land of dreams just gone

Look at this mixed-up world again

There is no saying tricks they’re playing

my friend

Am I laughing or crying or somewhere in the middle?

Is life tragedy or

a fine-crafted riddle?

Is it sorrow I borrow

until we can play again?


At first I was a pawn

Those days are nearly gone

Look at this mixed-up world again

There’s no selling tricks I’m telling

my friend

Am I laughing or crying

or somewhere in the middle?

Will catastrophe hit

if I don’t take lead fiddle

One more arrow from my bow

until we can play again?


The day can seem so bland

Until news gets out of hand

Look at this mixed-up world again

There’s no way old tricks are ok

my friend

Is my straight face out of place

as if I have a muzzle?

Our friendship gets buried

in a forsaken puzzle?

Love shows tomorrow

Like time is on the mend


Play for keeps

Laugh and sing

Fight a battle

Queen or king


Play for keeps and be yourself

The world with you has no one else


Why don’t we take control?

Everybody show our soul

Deep inside we shine the same

On the outside

is just a game


Play for keeps and be yourself

Trust that you will share the wealth

Find ways to keep your health

The world will someday share the wealth

Isn’t that Enough?

Nothing I can do

Nothing I can say

Can take the pain away


No matter how I try

Even if I cry

Some things I just can’t change


Every day we work to make a dollar

Still we don’t make enough

I work hard in every way

So I can fight

for what’s right

Isn’t that enough?

In this life



Where’s the peace we all want?

Wrapped up in individual needs?

So much conflict for what we insist is ours

Can’t we get the things we deserve without greed?

Are they locked up in our head?

So much we think we want and need

Why can’t we settle for what’s best?

Life for us

because we’re together



Let’s see that

Let’s talk it out

Let’s change the world


Only what I do

Only what I say

Can take the pain away today

It matters how I try

Just make the plans fly

Some things we have to change

Why should we have to make a dollar?

So long as we work together

I work hard in every way

And I fight

For what’s right

Isn’t that enough?

Fair Play Sky

If baying at the moon

Or playing our best tune

Good spoken word all day

And absolutely every morning

I will embrace the sky

Though people wonder why

And the sky holds me tight

Without scorning

I have done the same

Life surely is a game

Sportsmanship and Ethics are the core thing

Fair play


If praying for peace soon

Or playing our best tune

For tokens good all day

And absolutely every weekend

I will embrace the sky

A vision for the eye

And the sky holds me tight

As I am peeking

You have done the same

Life is more than just a game

Peace, good will and comfort we are seeking


Fair’s fair

I don’t care

What the cheating kind say

How can you draw blood from a stone

Or make a broke person pay?

Fair’s fair

Be aware

With your riches, think it’s funny

How can you leave millions alone

When you’ve got all that money?

Face the facts top hats

Fair play is the name of the game


I’m trying to avoid ruin

By playing my best tune

No joking, that’s my way

absolutely makes my life deep and

I will embrace the sky

Until the day I die

And the sky holds me tight

Without speaking

You have done the same

Taken a break from the game

But kindness and what’s right are never sleeping

Daily Tightrope Ride

Tightrope ride


Life with the most?

Path far above

Mean cats and coyotes


Watch out!


not to cross the line

Take good care

& work to save time


It’s telephone wire

So we won’t get burned

Skip on the high voltage

I don’t think I’ll return


I must bring food to my home fast

Secure a safety net

so my squirrel world will last


Truth not seen

Written between lines

Picture cut off

By massive grape vines

Pain for a day

Big bosses scoff

Pain forever more

HR writes losses off

Barriers to work

Offer no help to cope

I’m still so productive

Folks think it’s a joke

NO ONE sees the precarious plight

Because I manage to keep up the fight!


Been zapped and crushed

For days couldn’t walk

Yelled at


Like what I say is a shock

I’m an A1 worker

Stick up for the fight

Told I’m delusional and

don’t report right

Factors at play folks can’t understand

My intense spirit seems out of hand

The truth of the matter

Should refresh my brand!


Let’s talk

What’s new?

A Mental Health plea

Widespread issue

Is not right to me

I try to live true

In a sick society

What more can I do?


No more do I want

Than to all get along

Work hard and play hard

Play a favourite song

Bring it in now!

Share all the wealth

So we can each find

our own better health

Good Love Won’t Cease

If I move forward today

I might catch on fire

I still stand up high

and let life inspire

Top of the stairs

I wonder where to look

I’ll chase things that move

Like the wind or a brook

I won’t chase a star

That won’t shine bright

I won’t chase

a thread of darkness

into the night


If I take to the sky

I’ll decide where to go

I’ll follow the wind

To places I know

The season is ending

The first leaves have fallen

Been so busy working

I’m covered in pollen

One thing is clear

As I use my sixth sense

Without light to follow

Year’s end could be tense


So I race up a tree

Chasing whatever may move

Then come back to Earth

and get back to my groove

One thing for sure

I’m not a mean stalker

I’m just a cool cat

Quick to purr, pure rocker

I’m brought in at night

Then I don’t disappear

Find stars in my eyes

So we won’t shed a tear


I’m touched by joy

You brilliant visitor

Many faceted eyes

Seem truly exquisite or

Mystic as we chat

An angel leaves to go

There is no chase

Forget the race

And we’ll be fine I know

Reach to the future

Wave a sign of peace

The world changes dramatically

Have faith, Good love won’t cease