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Good Love Won’t Cease

If I move forward today

I might catch on fire

I still stand up high

and let life inspire

Top of the stairs

I wonder where to look

I’ll chase things that move

Like the wind or a brook

I won’t chase a star

That won’t shine bright

I won’t chase

a thread of darkness

into the night


If I take to the sky

I’ll decide where to go

I’ll follow the wind

To places I know

The season is ending

The first leaves have fallen

Been so busy working

I’m covered in pollen

One thing is clear

As I use my sixth sense

Without light to follow

Year’s end could be tense


So I race up a tree

Chasing whatever may move

Then come back to Earth

and get back to my groove

One thing for sure

I’m not a mean stalker

I’m just a cool cat

Quick to purr, pure rocker

I’m brought in at night

Then I don’t disappear

Find stars in my eyes

So we won’t shed a tear


I’m touched by joy

You brilliant visitor

Many faceted eyes

Seem truly exquisite or

Mystic as we chat

An angel leaves to go

There is no chase

Forget the race

And we’ll be fine I know

Reach to the future

Wave a sign of peace

The world changes dramatically

Have faith, Good love won’t cease

Everybody Breathe

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I’m falling from the skies

Won’t be criticized

Try to find the truth

And for days we’re hypnotized


Everything is what it seems to be

We are what we want and need

Moments are deeper than the sea


Underneath we face the day

On the surface be okay

Everybody breathe so peacefully

Everybody breathe


I’m hanging from a thread

Not better off dead

Think about tomorrow

And ways to get ahead


Be calm, the future’s every day

Let the moment be ok

Everybody breathe as is we’re free :||


Everything is what it seems to be

We are what we want and need

Moments are deeper when we’re free



I’m diving off a cliff

If you catch my drift

Risk it for our life

And what we do for it


Our life is only here today

Have fun, work hard to be okay

Everybody breathe

Just breathe.

Love Her So (The Earth We Know)

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I walk through the forest

Dive into a haze

Avoid future wasteland

Recognize the rays


Our sun’s scorching beams

Dull as a hammer

Pound to the depths

Nails dressed in fiery glamour


Clutching tight can scratch skin-deep

May hidden beauty rule

Love our world to balance life

Simple steps to keep us cool


I love my Earth

She’s all I’ll ever have

Even the universe

Can’t give me any more than that

I love her so

More than just for show

If we all love the Earth we know

She’ll never go

Love her so


Open eyes to the future

Rainfall for tomorrow

Dive deep into truth

No lies from leaders borrow


Reflection of today

In the skies and in the lake

There is no second chance

Our vision can mistake


If we all love the Earth we know

She’ll never go

Love her so


I walk thru the forest

Swim through greedy haze

Now but not forever

Must plan for future days


In the line of trees

Waking to tomorrow

A good grip balances life

Rain to remove sorrow


Words on top of decades

Truth weighs in on waste

Future sold for less than gold

No fair trade with all this haste


Cut back with frivolous stuff

Stick to what we need and know

Talk about what we stand for

It’s easy come and easy go


I love my Earth

She’s all I’ll ever have

Even the universe

Can’t give me any more than that

I love her so

More than just for show


Love her skies

Love her seas

Love her Rock

Love her trees


She’s all we will ever have

If we all love the Earth we know

She’ll never go

Love her so

Under Together

Standing under a sunflower

Just for a minute

Feel like the Cheshire cool cat

Time is not finite


In mere moments I’m scrambling

Crawling deep down a hole fast

As from merciless fire

A new bat from Hell blasts

and We are in it


For certain seconds

or hours



Gripped by reality

Of twisting smoke

Or bright hope

We greet the world with knuckles


Safer to lead with work and strength

Than clenched palms

Of ownership

If we feel like we desire all that

Set up a risk limit

and Never tire of that

All for one

one for all


This is entirely that


Best when

Standing under the sun’s power

To bear it and grin it

From afar admire or chat

Love still is in it

With common sense of science

Not wallowing in mire, a rat

Mindless contagion

Cozy like a vampire brat

Imposing rage in

People who want

to float in

good emotion

and Contribute



Good emotion


We find it from working together

Maybe at a distance

Finding out if it’s safe

Then let’s inquire about that


No matter how you spin it

Humanity is connection

If life’s a game

That’s how we win it

I choose to admire this fact

and Let life inspire impact

Get Back-Home, Save the Kids

Whether sun shines or rain falls down

The sky pleases and holds our integrity

Keeping it together like where I’m from

Battle seasons like in Winnipeg city

We know ice arrives

And summer will swelter

Brave pieces of life

Build future shelter

Help Nature heal like a medicine meant to be


With vision in life no pain hits town

The mind’s eye eases it instead of sun

Cup raised in ice like champions

No cool life can freeze up in Edmonton

We know ice arrives

And summer will melt it

Brave pieces of life

Just like how we felt it

Have patience and good emotion will get it on


With optimism nature will come around

Our love and care for life builds beauty

No missed chance or wasted moment

In PoCo, Coquitlam or Moody

Pure nature arrives

And summer has held up

Brave pieces of life

Makes me just belt out

I have passion and truly feel it’s my duty


Lived in these places longer than most

Have also travelled from coast to coast

Fortunate and still trying to give back


Stories to tell from Manitoba’s White Shell

I’ve had a hard sell and been through Hell too


How I get back

Pull pieces together

True help from the weather…


Feel fine

When I get back

Pull pieces together

Won’t chase a feather


Flown Down Under for free

Lived hill-life Burnaby

Now money’s tough

No complaint

That’s rough

Spent much time on a beach in Florida


Met Morrison’s ghost

More times than most

At tables I’m ready to chalk it up


As sun shines or rain falls down

We believe love

And play all the hits

We grow stronger when time is found

It’s ok

Seize the day

Maple Ridge

Life has surprises

As summer tells us

Brave pieces of life

When winter wells up

Tears of grey

Go away

Respect nature and play

Every way and day

Save the kids

Chalk Moon



Today has almost passed

Like chalk washed off the sidewalk

With one piece remaining

One last hop

branch to branch

Or hovering in front of evening’s flower

Tiny wings seem to beat furiously

Yet float with the greatest of ease

Until shining brighter

In contrast to the night


Moon falls madly

into the grasp of

Pitch black night

No one believes this life

Bright colour

Truth folded up

as if it will never see the light of day

Stars seem to glow endlessly

The sun’s power never doubted

Cheesy spirit

Second-hand beauty

Seen as a passing phase

Until I shine


Summer sun simmers

Days start fresh

Like cotton candy clouds

Or blossoming baby’s breath

Ferris wheel views and

Roller coaster thrills

Safe as life can be today

Until sunset spills

Nothing can mask beauty

Coming from inside

A cure for sure

Remember love is pure

Like a carnival ride


Night holds dark mystery

Reflection of today

Void-of-vision history

Invites us all to pay

Turning to tomorrow

Moon and stars are kind

From time blackness is borrowed

Draws dreams and lends our mind

Calm focus on shared space

Work for love of all

Wake up to a peaceful place

Optimism through nightfall




Sonnet for Hot Heads

IMG_6762 (3)


These hot summer days can be great to laze

On the grey back deck with the world in check

No one is winning and no one a wreck

My soul hopes and prays that our true love stays

We search for new ways to relax and gaze

At a cloudy speck in blue skies we trek

We can be grinning, as peace saves our neck

My love of life plays as I search for ways

To keep having fun: HELP THOSE THAT SUFFER

To fight for justice for all of the world

To find mindfulness and share with others

We chase down the sun as cool mood’s buffer

Lighten the losses and heat that is hurled

To end spitefulness this hot head smothers

Metal Health

IMG_5470 (2)


Soft are the petals, bright are the stars

‪Fast is the wind, cooler than cars

‪Earth spins on axles, real and imagined

‪Stars fade in morning, ideas will hatch then

‪Love is like metal, glows like pure gold

‪Chrome shines in sun, glistening yet cold

Hot are the kettles of stories untold


Silk of butterfly’s bright neon light

Drifting like dew onto leaves after night

Swift is the sun and hotter than Hell

Fierce as a storm, our stories to tell

Peace is like blue sky or safe in the fold

In town or country, both young and old

Fresh is emotion, Hidden or Bold


Subtle the sunset that seals off the day

Visions of dark night well underway

Slow in the moment our anxious thoughts crawl

Strong as an angel, love arrives before all

Into forever, years grasp and hold

Optimism meets light, faith can’t be sold

Respect for our world and life rock & rolled

The Shower Song ~ Intermittent Intimate (Ritualization)


I recorded this about fourteen years ago (Around 2006).  People like it.  A lot.  I have recorded no other full songs and was only jamming a few times per year back then.  With the rest of my life surging forward, I have had less time to play although I do keep in touch with my close friend here and will one day before too long jam again…

Music 🙂

I sang off the top of my head, with very few memorized lyrics.  Above is the recording, with my friends also improvising on electric guitar and drums.  Lee Matuga on guitar also does some of the paintings that I post pics of, with my work on this site.  Adam is on drums.

This is one of my only poems with course language.  Years later I shared the recording with brand new colleagues.  Mistake.  What may be the bigger mistake is the reaction and interpretation that they have had.

I think everyone gets the environmental pollution theme.  People may not have understood the psychological content as well.

I’m sorry if some parts of the lyrics are disturbing to you.  It is heavy metal poetry and drama, not all real life.  It is not depraved.  If that is how people have interpreted it, then shame on them.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

**12:59 Shower**

For the last challenge,

You will have an ice cold shower…

An ice cold shower?

An ice cold shower…

Freezing cold winter rain causing subliminal


Burning hot summer heat, wipes you off your frickin feet,



Translucent white of the ashes,

Flying from

the volcano,

In the heart of the city,


Industrial pipes billowing smoke clouds that drip on you every day,

And they burn through your skin,

And your place in the city is

just too close to the city,


Watch the rain as it comes down fast,

You can see the faces of the under-known,


Watch the clouds as they pass on by,

You can see the faces of the other silent


On the other silent planet,

With the other silent,


Traces of time on the edge of your moment,

Makes you feel like you shouldn’t have ever known it,

I can’t believe what has happened…

To the place where I used to be in the most,


Desperate change to the need in your reach,

The conversation having you, is having you beat,

You can’t understand why they’re looking down on you like that,


Looking up into the sky,

It makes me wonder why,

I’m thinking all the time that there is going to be some saving grace,


And you just let the reflections of God,

given to you,

And let you receive,

Unto this

beneficial bullshit,


Pinned down by the mean man,

The one that’s up above,

Staring at you like you are just a little piece of work,

That needs some seasoning,

You frickin little jerk,

And then you see the idle eyes,

In the brain

and in the skies,

You know that he is really,


Connected to you,

Through some passage,

Through some thought,

Through some subconscious pathway,

Fucking bullshit.





How the hell do you expect to receive it by standing on your


Your porch is underground,


Oh taste the fresh,

Or just confess good,

I want to see Frankenstein, growing in this,

But that I can tell ya,

That I can tell

what I say:

He’s chasing the other dream,


He has thoughts and he has feelings,

She is right and she’s believing:

No one can be cooking more than me,


Oh we have iodized, idealized precision,

And we just know that one thing to do is every day,

Make your decision,


Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er,

Pitter patter, it’s pouring outside,

That’s not pitter patter –

That’s rapid torrential thumping,


It’s raining outside, but it’s kind of intermittent,

Yesterday’s massive storm left me drenched,

It seems the calm can be refreshed,

and we can leave the daily mess,

But you were twisting your words like a wrench,


Intermittent intimate,

Enter, enter, intermittent intimate,

Intermittent intimate,

What I say,


Well it’s nice out outside,

And it’s finally subsided,

And the calm can be refreshed every day,

Is seems the skin that is burning

Is from your yearning,

And we make it through just this way,


Intermittent intimate,

Intermittent intimate,

I’m getting, Intermittent,

I meant, I meant

I meant

It all baby,


Constant refusal is kind of amusing,

I can’t stand it any fucking more,

You want to get down with the sound of your feeling,

But there’s nowhere to go when you’re sore,

Chase the ace…

Oh, she’s sweet…



the last,

Breath of the day,


How ya feeling?


That’s alright – How are you?

We all doing alright just to know that you’re good,

And you know what to do,

Save your last,


Charm yourself,

Charm the rest,

Pass the test,

Take it again if you don’t make it,

Constant improvement of your soul,



and failing,

and changing,




Two Paths Merge



Torn in two

It’s nothing new

Everything I do

Life is true


Work and pray

Every single day

We have to pay

While we work okay


Every moment I know about

Wouldn’t be the same without

Something true

How about you?


Every day that I live without

Things that makes me scream and shout

I think of you

All I do


What is new?

I’m torn in two

Everything I do

Life is true


Work and play

Every single day

A choice we make

While we work okay


Everything I write about

Wouldn’t be the same without

Things that make me scream and shout

That’s nothing new

Two paths it’s true

I think of you

All I do