Awareness of Nature (Part 2) Camping Rejuvenation

A full day planning for freedom in reach,

We unpack the truck and dash to the beach,

A refreshing dip, the rain was abrupt,

It’s lucky we had our tarps all set up,

Fun moments erupt, nature’s not boring,

Thunder rolled in and it began pouring,

Minor setback to reserving campsites,

When it rains this hard, all day and all night,

Now working for fun, just without the sun,

The day turns around, free time starts to run,

Hours get better without feeling rushed,

A foot in the sand, the days’ stress is crushed,

For moments I waste in some worried haste,

Now I feel cool waves and in the haze, baste,

In one sure moment we live all our lives,

As nature breathes, a miracle arrives,


Calm and enlightened, earth, sky and water,

In summer outside, the sun stays hotter,

Hitting heights heals life, dreams won’t fall through cracks,

Get up much stronger, find handles to facts,

I don’t think past now and then anymore,

Glacier edges through a rocky corridor,

Frozen yet fluid, how we make our way,

Know it, don’t lose it, just get through the day,

Life carved in senses, next day’s aftermath,

Joy, pain, today’s shock, ignites in one path,

The mountains stand high and scrape at the clouds,

The grey and the cold form shapes in the crowds,

When the sun breaks through, people will scurry,

For a hot dry spot, each one will hurry,

Creatures on top feel ahead of us all,

Nature never stops, we all heed its call,


Followed my path in the one way I can,

Through ice cold passes, for storms I have planned,

For days I’ve wondered and nights I’ve wished gone,

The skies split open, I’m spent like a pawn,

Each day I’m coping, sometimes like a bear,

At times I’m roped in, that do not seem fair,

Finding ways to tame the beast of my mind,

Can’t say what I want but I can be kind,

If I shut this down and lock every door,

I won’t be outside the box anymore,

“Breathe deep and relax”, what I tell myself,

The battles wage on, like books on a shelf,

Far out in the wild, I read of the world,

Our thoughts bold or mild, an advent unfurled,

In order to fight, I may stay silent,

Words hidden away, asleep in my tent,


Slept okay this time, foam mattress is great,

Better than gravel, I anticipate,

The storm was waging, peppered our world: numb,

Pounding and bouncing a ripping snare drum,

The tarps held up fine, water still snuck in,

Air laden and moist, damp camp we’re stuck in,

It’s early morning, in drips bright bold light,

I unzip the tent and slip out of sight,

Perking the coffee, a priority,

Start fire quick, keep camp clean as can be,

The air’s so fresh, pitter-patter persists,

Nature hits the earth, rain droplets, her fists,

Wrapped around branches, the feet of small birds,

Divine voices chirp, the tree’s joyous words,

A quick note to self: “Enjoy simple things”,

Day’s peace can be found, when calm morning sings,


Once snug at the lake, gone from where we lay,

A splash, all arise and welcome the day,

We are not sullen, grey skies still share light,

Feeling energy here, alive and bright,

Catch frisbees and balls, then sprinting races,

Each day summer calls, run through the paces,

Bring on some music and later board games,

Tell stories of life and don’t change the names,

Free from the office, the work-shop and job,

Free to write verses, eat corn on the cob,

Hot dogs and marsh mellows, baked on a stick,

Real time to digest, not rushing and sick,

Find hours to relax, without so much stress,

Turn it all into meditating success,

Prepare for our life, days of rain or shine,

Good rest and hard work meet up and combine


Time Sublimates

Hitting heights


Falling between cracks

Wake up

Find a handle to the facts

Don’t think past now anymore

This glacier edges through a rocky corridor

Life carved into senses

Yesterday’s aftermath

Joy and pain

Today’s shock

Ignites in one path

to reach

High or low


Together Standing Free


This picture is of dozens of birds standing on the shoreline.


Fighting the news

Trying to choose

what to say

Not profanity or vanity

Seems like articulated complacency

by a person just speaking to fill time

An act in adjacency

A plan I see:


Mood for mood

Science or art

In between

Far apart

Together striving hard

to be standing free

Finding Life

latest14 220

Hello sunshine

Where’d you leave the rain?

I can feel your good vibes

Coming down again


Building a future

I see the final stone

I lift it

and carry it all day

Giving me back some energy

When I put it down to stay


I recognize salvation in a song

I can feel it coming on

Heavy or light words

The music can’t be wrong


Hello sunshine

Where’d you leave the rain?

I can feel your good vibes

This life is found again

Focus to Balance



I envision success


There is so much


between now and then


Though precision is best

There is so much


The scene here again


No worries:

Optimism perfects


I just need focus


A new confidence


Before I sink,

Life shines through


and I find the comfort of progress

Logic, Faith, The Power of Kindness



As I see the logic engaging with the gears,

Falling into place,

Enhancing the new picture,

Presenting avenues of thought


Emotion in the days,

Advances in the moment launch

Once it’s structure’s stable,


The entire system functions isolated yet whole,

Changing all the while,

Engaging the core meaning,

Creating pathways that won’t stop,


Dynamics and sure style,

Challenges of the moment won

Through initiatives in perceiving,


Senses take us far,

Thought can take us farther,

Logic builds on what we know,

It’s how to support the meaning,

Beyond any question


Energy: a star’s worth,

Emotion is a true world,

On faith we all are leaning,


As I have the visions and listen to the echoes,

Dancing in my brain,

Expressing with a rhythm,

Compelling actions like small talk


Feedback on high gain,

Your glances in the moment won

By being kind, not vain

The Tension Mounts



I got raised by the sunshine,

What I complain about

ain’t the same to me anymore,


Got cloudy days that must suffice,

What they say is right

might not be the same to me tomorrow,


Live today and love the moment

Soak in sunshine as it cures you,


Live today and love the moment

Soak in sunshine as it guides you,


Then hit the lights as the tension mounts,


The desert days are high and dry,

It may be cold at night

but hot as hell for me tomorrow,


The winter rains are cold as ice,

But the fire inside

Will be the same to me forever more,


Live today and sense the changes

Feel the pain and then stop the pounding,


Live today and sense the changes

Taste the rain as it soaks and bounces,


Live today and work for progress

Then hit the heights as the tension mounts,


The sun rises,


One time to burn

One time to heal

One time to learn

One time to feel

Make your move when it counts

Embrace the moment while the tension mounts

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