Peace Arriving (Echo)

I’d reach out to you

But I’m all tied up

This world is so demanding

The villains can’t get enough

Why can’t they cut me some slack

On this railroad track?

There seems to be a misunderstanding

And the train is coming back


The wheels are spinning round

Sparks fly with squealing sounds

I lie here with only words

Casually chained and neatly bound

While the source of my situation

Simply can’t be found


My sinister captor laughs

Shaking the solid ground

Just as an unsuspecting hero

crosses the tracks to go to town

Arrives in a small window

Looking back 

And I’m found


Are you reaching out to me

While I am on the road

I can’t answer right now

I have got a heavy load

I hope you can wait for a while

Maybe just another mile

I think there’s a shoulder ahead

And I’ve got you on speed dial


The world keeps spinning round

Wait for the engaging ringing sound

I drive fearlessly with words

That I can’t say until we’re bound

Not until we connect together 

And heavy our hearts pound 


The winding road lies

Our destination can’t be found

But then a perfect moment realized

and the road to home I’m heading down

Arriving like an echo

Everywhere the sound


If I leave I will return

From the far side of a lake

A ringing bell brings me back

I’m flat-out on the track

A gun starts a race

We stay in our lanes

I’m back In my headspace

A lesson learned and intact


A chance I had to take

A choice I had to make

The echo calling my name

Opens a window in time that seemed opaque

Now as clear as day


I reach out to you

I’m on another plane

No clauses withstanding 

No pain is a huge gain

Why do they attack us

Without looking back?

They seem to be

so underhanded 

When the flight’s still on the tarmac


Then the wheels start spinning round

Engines howl low like a growling hound

We rise high with grounded words

There’s a sheer climb to resound

When we care it raises us up

New altitude is found


Our internal pilot plans

So we’re never falling down

Optimistic soul to soar

Harnessing imagination tightly wound

PEACE arriving hard core

Flying higher



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