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Digging Out the Bottom of a Well

You have no idea

But how could you tell?

Hard to see

the ingenuity

I’m digging out the bottom of a well


Shovels and pitchforks

You can hunt me down

I’ll be right here if you take a look


But you probably won’t see

Past the distance

Just me

Water’s rising

And it’s darker than all Hell


I had no idea

But how could I tell?

Hard to see

through the mystery

I’m digging out the bottom of a well


Visions and voices

As water rushes

You’ll understand if you send down the bucket


But you might not see

Past mistake and misery

The water’s for you

Since today’s hotter than all Hell


I never thought life would get to this

Me explaining

why I’m digging


Only drink on some days

I hope the new well pays

There’s rain

but the drought is not a figment


Converging streams

Beneath the clay

Raging rapids hidden away

So I dig faster

till a higher level stays


Many thought I’d never surface

Buried me deep

That’s why I’m digging


For me drinking’s OK

But I’d like the chance to bathe

There’s trickles

But the flow is insignificant


Emerging clean

Was always pure

Rising rivers are for sure

So I hold my breath

Till a cleansing current cures


We had no idea

But how could we tell

Hard to see

The sanity

When I’m digging out the bottom of a well


Shovels and pitchforks

I’m getting way down

I’ll be right here if you take a look


I hope you will see

Past the distance

Just me

My eye’s shining

As metal sparks on rock in our Hell


I have an idea

That I’d like to tell

Plain to see

Our chemistry

As I dug out the bottom of the well


Vision and voices

Our love gushes

We understand and fill our hearts

Not just our cup


And now you can see

Past mistake and misery

The water’s clean

and Sparks of light

Get us thru all Hell


Making Today’s Adventures OK


You can brighten my day

By saying my name

Playing my game

In these new adventures


You can lighten the way

Finding new fame

Grinding the shame

and then just dispense with

All false pretences

Stop raising the bar

For those down so far

Or kept out by fences

Or schools too expensive


I can brighten the day

If you do the same

True love won’t be tamed

In our grand adventures


We can light up the way

Forgetting the blame

Protecting the flame

and then get intense with

Our uncommon senses

Not chasing a star

We are who we are

Every last one of us


This is our chance to make it

Life happens just once

Let’s engage it


Embrace love and faith

Let’s do this together

Just need to keep pace

Lend a hand to forever

Help save this place

No matter what happens

Life is a promise

Not meant to be broken

Don’t break it

Let’s make it


Let’s brighten today

By taking new aim

Staking a claim

Our new adventures


Let’s light the way

With a flash and a frame

Be so glad we came

and not apprehensive

A dream comprehensive

Like an amazing car

With the door ajar

Climb in and commence with

Love that’s extensive

It makes today



Common Rarities

So common are the bright colours of life

We don’t even notice their bold beauty

Perched on years as if we can’t fly high

Looking precarious as if it’s our duty

Standing out to show off our difference

Vulnerable to seem too bright

To the sky we may lift up our plans

As the Earth crawls through the night


So common are the fine workers of Earth

They don’t even notice our dedication

Squirming for years as if we don’t have a worth

Looking ahead with no hesitation

Fitting in despite all our difference

Vulnerable to be in the light

To the sky we may lift up our plans

And for dreams we patiently fight


So rare to get a word in edgewise

Or share a story of what we’re about

Diverse wellness is certainly the best prize

Include health, peace and love without doubt

Together we climb up to new heights

Or dig energy of Earth below

Guided by sure stars and cool nights

A sun ray is free and with calm care we grow

No Kind Soul Should Feel Out of Place

From dark to light

I wriggle and writhe

I dig through the earth

To reach up to the skies

With darkness we close

up for the night

Warmth within grows

and dreams hold us tight

Tulips open again

with morning grace

Designed for beauty

Each colour and face

No kind soul should feel out of place


From Spring to Fall

I creep and crawl

I fly for my life

My big world seems small

With winter we hide

Climb or hit the wall

Back to the Earth

Fresh wings will haul

Sunlight shines again

With eternal grace

Designed to reach

Every corner and space

No kind soul should feel out of place


Soul comes from drive

To be alive

To share and thrive

For Love we strive


We must live life together

Care more and save face

Don’t squish our boots

on beauty and kindness


With grace we share

All of the Earth

We must leave extra space

For those that have fallen behind us

So that the sky can find us


Clear as day and night

What’s wrong and right

We share the earth

We share your light

With bias we choose

Reasons to fight

No resources to lose

So keep kindness in sight

Good sense comes round again

Our human grace

Designed to survive

With wellness keep pace

No kind soul should feel out of place