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Calming music?

october13 003

I had a few thoughts kicking around from many years ago.  I have changed them around and tried to make them presentable.  My first attempt was not successful.

Similar to a lot of people, I have worked very hard for many years.  Like many others, I have adapted to some difficult challenges in life.  Music has been a major source of inspiration.  Taking time to enjoy the music, comedy, good times – and learn from the drama has enabled me to be calm in a world that I often perceive as crazy.  I also think it has been important to engage in expression that shares these moments with others.  Often I share my thoughts in order to seek understanding.  Beyond that really I hope to help share ideas that promote the health of the community – especially those that have similar experiences.  The poetry connected here is not necessarily the ideal tool for this work – but I feel that I have achieved a good balance here!!

These lyrics have been rearranged and updated to include some ideas of level-headedness, but also written with music in mind – not egotistical but rhyming and even fun…  The matching practical work is really successful.

See you soon.


Ya still mess with me,

But I don’t mess with you,

You can tell me what to think,

And you can tell me what to do,

You got the ways that make me crazy,

You got the style that makes me high,

I go off like dynamite and you call that lazy,

But my music literally drives you wild,

I cannot see why you are looking at me,

You’re a god

I’m a god

I’m a god

I’m a frickin fraud,

How can it be if I just glance over:  All of a sudden they start looking?

Did you flinch? Or fake it – or create awareness of your presence?

There’s no wink or acknowledgement of the moment,

Our eyes did not connect

I’m taking it all back

I never meant to be that far below the radar,

Just a pinch to wake me, I am so aware of your presence,

There’s no link to each other without ever knowing,

Our sighs did not impact

I’m chasing it all back

With water from the lake you made me ‘ware of,

I cannot see why you are looking at me,

You’re the bomb

I’m the bomb

Just the bomb

And yet we’re so fricking calm,

How can it be that when chance is over- all of a sudden a new chance rises?

It’s not a mess with me,

Don’t let it mess with you,

I’d like to tell you what to think,

But I won’t tell you what to do,

You got the ways that make me crazy,

You got the style that makes me high,

I go up like dynamite purely amazing,

And the music literally drives you wild

Focus in Mindfulness


Sunday night… pretty low key.  I’m thinking about some stuff that I wrote about ‘focus.’  It’s a big topic.  It could be like a type of career, or a part of social life.  It could be one song or one word.  In fact it is one word that basically means: “To direct one’s attention to something.”  There are other meanings as well.

So ‘focus’:  that’s like your next meal, relaxation with TV, music –or whatever.  Like something to think about, laugh or sigh or just focus on until there is something else to do (or that needs to be done).  When we can get thru the moment, even by looking forward to seeing a meal, a jam, family, a television show or anything like a focus:  the dull times don’t seem so dull.  I’ve read a lot about this mindfulness- just paying attention to the moment.  I think it helps avoid thinking about things that aren’t as necessary.  Just get into the moment: work, play whatever. When you watch the little details: you can enjoy the moment or at least find the patience you need to get through to the next content moment.  It has really helped me to maintain peace of mind by keeping myself focused on the task at hand, and enjoying the really fine details of what is going on.  Keeping my mind busy – even with something simple like mowing the lawn or listening to some tunes can actually make it easier to just get by.  Picturing the process can help facilitate a productive state of mind in the present, while also being ready for the next sequence of events.

This is a poem that is troubled in some ways, but involves focus on the environment.  It was written over a decade ago.  In the end you will see the return to an ongoing concern.   For many this concern is sobriety.  Others might view this resolution to be a way of avoiding bad weather.  Mindfulness can help with a variety of problems, including:  weathering the storm, and also avoiding substance use.

The poem here….AGAIN… is not really on line with the exact sentiments of the blog, but in the start of this blog page, I decided to put some of my writing with each one of these psychological (and hopefully practical) blogs.  I hope that it is a literature mix that will hold your attention/focus.  By the way, in my life, I have rarely had a drink before noon, and when I have, there would have been a good reason, like holidays, or a recognized celebration…

Hang Ups

In the vast expanse of human society

I explore the experience and taste sobriety,

Then changing a vow, which breaks early in the day,

I come back to where I was, and I’m on my way,

The sun like me is high in the sky

The smoke is rising

The lizard crawls

The waves are crashing,

Like bar room brawls

A reaction is surprising

Saved up money for strip malls

The dollars I’m stashing are enjoyed by all,

In the midday hours the seconds tick by

I walk the streets in hopes the fast cars comply,

I might hail a taxi, but I’d rather walk,

Down the corridor on a bus amidst casual talk

Above cars fuming

The seagull flies,

The traffic is buzzing

Forlorn are the cries,

Dark clouds are looming,

There’s water in the skies,

Umbrellas by the dozens can help keep me dry

Refreshing Exercise

02-13 023

I got off from work just after lunch that day… in the spring.  I drove to the lake to go for a hike.  I hiked up the mountainside on a trail that I have traveled many times.  Weeks ago: it was a different trail.  It had since been transformed.  Partly up the mountain I found that snow had piled up.  It was as if a dump-truck had just been emptied.  After a certain line of altitude and colder temperature, snow just appeared, instantly coming into vision in coldly-carved drifts, as I climbed the steps right before it, to bring it into view.  I did not expect it, but I was still dressed appropriately with a warm jacket, boots and gloves.  By the time I had reached the look-out point (about an hour and a half up the mountain) the snow was up to six or seven feet deep in places.  As I hiked up, it was not particularly cold, but the wind was gusting strong.  By the time I was at the look-out, clumps of moss and branches were falling from the tree-tops high above this British Columbia rain forest floor.

I had not planned on hiking all the way up, but the rain was holding off and the wind was inspiring in a way.  I took the challenge or the dare.  It’s not that it was much out of my way, in what is a short hike.  I had previously hiked the entire eight-hour hike across the ridge to the waterfall at the other-side of the lake, also in snowy conditions.  I did know the terrain.  I had also let a friend know where I was going, so at least I had taken appropriate steps.

Just to make it to the look-out was a invigorating reward for me.  Spiritual, in a sense.   I looked out over the lake, far across where snow drifts piled.  Only months before this had all been bare rock.  The wind continued to gust and it was not before long that I headed down.   When I got home – still in my steel-toed work boots (which made alright hiking boots), I wrote this poem.

 Motion to Create – Shaped by the Elements  (2013)

The rhythm of the tree we hang on frees us,
Trembling in the wind – And then falling back to earth,
A collective sigh in the social group-
We are free to express our inner thoughts,
The wasted ones left behind to rot,
No flavour in their life,
They twist in the breeze,
And fall to the leaves, forgotten and withering – never to make the next transition,  Forgotten,
Resurrected in the floods of Spring,
Flowing back into the system,
A revitalized memory – a new form:
At once gleaming in the sun, and still reflecting the past, the remains long gone,
Do we speak of the idle stone?  Piled, buried- just blending in,
The snow melts, the streams burst, the feet scuffle and the rock is shaken free,
The new momentum carries us far,
Forever moving with the changing time,
We choose the beaten path or forge a new way,
Shaped by the factory that is all around us,
Machines driven by an initial pulse,
Only producing what is within our reach

Today, I climbed the trail again.  It is uncertain times.  Work is slow.  It is hard finding hours and the hours that I do get seem to drag on endlessly, and painfully with injury.  I have very little interest in the subject matter of building construction.  It is essential, but I feel that my energy could be spent on work that is more meaningful to me, and a greater use of my skills.  A transition into research and psychology is happening, but it is hard to see if I can (ever) make a full career change.  On the trail today there was a sign printed out saying that a cougar had been spotted on September 8th.  I was happy to have my dog with me as a little added protection.  Respect for nature can take many shapes.  It can even allow a person to take a break from their problems and find inspiration.  Our own special spirituality.  Exercise is also a key to good health (and mental health).  Exercise, nature and being inspired each day can definitely contribute to better health.  You can take the stairs or hike a mountain.