Calming music?

october13 003

I had a few thoughts kicking around from many years ago.  I have changed them around and tried to make them presentable.  My first attempt was not successful.

Similar to a lot of people, I have worked very hard for many years.  Like many others, I have adapted to some difficult challenges in life.  Music has been a major source of inspiration.  Taking time to enjoy the music, comedy, good times – and learn from the drama has enabled me to be calm in a world that I often perceive as crazy.  I also think it has been important to engage in expression that shares these moments with others.  Often I share my thoughts in order to seek understanding.  Beyond that really I hope to help share ideas that promote the health of the community – especially those that have similar experiences.  The poetry connected here is not necessarily the ideal tool for this work – but I feel that I have achieved a good balance here!!

These lyrics have been rearranged and updated to include some ideas of level-headedness, but also written with music in mind – not egotistical but rhyming and even fun…  The matching practical work is really successful.

See you soon.


Ya still mess with me,

But I don’t mess with you,

You can tell me what to think,

And you can tell me what to do,

You got the ways that make me crazy,

You got the style that makes me high,

I go off like dynamite and you call that lazy,

But my music literally drives you wild,

I cannot see why you are looking at me,

You’re a god

I’m a god

I’m a god

I’m a frickin fraud,

How can it be if I just glance over:  All of a sudden they start looking?

Did you flinch? Or fake it – or create awareness of your presence?

There’s no wink or acknowledgement of the moment,

Our eyes did not connect

I’m taking it all back

I never meant to be that far below the radar,

Just a pinch to wake me, I am so aware of your presence,

There’s no link to each other without ever knowing,

Our sighs did not impact

I’m chasing it all back

With water from the lake you made me ‘ware of,

I cannot see why you are looking at me,

You’re the bomb

I’m the bomb

Just the bomb

And yet we’re so fricking calm,

How can it be that when chance is over- all of a sudden a new chance rises?

It’s not a mess with me,

Don’t let it mess with you,

I’d like to tell you what to think,

But I won’t tell you what to do,

You got the ways that make me crazy,

You got the style that makes me high,

I go up like dynamite purely amazing,

And the music literally drives you wild

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