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Just a feeling



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Sometimes we have anxiety and feel like there is trouble brewing, when really it is just change.  With good health, we are less likely to get our lines crossed.  In such a complex world, it helps to be aware of that power – that imminent change.  The awareness can protect us and make us ready.  It is important not to let it distort, or become exaggerated.  Reading too much into things can interfere, and cause us to get tangled in our own web – that each one of us weaves.


Trouble is in the wind,
At least that’s what it says,
If it’s fine all depends,
How strong your effort stays,

We’ll get them what they want,
A wicked web we weave,
Won’t stop loving you,
I try not to believe,

I’m busy all the time,
Listening – I receive,
No matter what is said,
It’s hard not to believe,

Is it just a feeling, or is it the truth in disguise?
Looking up above, I see answers in the skies,

Trouble is in the rain,
These clouds can fill my days,
If it’s fine all depends,
On what my quick thought says,

We’ll get you what you want,
Uncertain sights and sounds,
Can’t stop loving you,
And peace of mind I’ve found,

I’m busy all the time,
This complex life we lead,
Understand what makes sense,
And if I should believe,

Is it just a feeling, or is it the answer that I need?
Looking through today, tomorrow must be free