Monthly Archives: November 2017

Future of Knowing

I feel like a lizard twisting out of my old skin,

Stretching into the new world, feeling new life begin

As the book opens, I read the moments into existence,

The authors and publishers yield to the reader’s insistence,

My cat can’t read, but learns the human language through osmosis,

Am I just like my cat, and learn it all when the book closes?

As I close my eyes tight, I see the future glowing,

It’s not dark, there is warmth, it is all in the knowing,

Learning Drive


I think this poem and picture are not a perfect match, but I love this picture and I value this poem.


When I was younger,

I would wonder,

Now I am older,

I don’t look over my shoulder,

Unless I’m changing lanes,


Because I arrive on time,

People don’t cross the line,

If I am bolder,

I will reach my goal or

At least use all of my brains