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Chance favours the prepared mind

Creating chance means being prepared.  Sometimes when we are not vigilant or unaware we can miss a great chance.  Sometimes we let our guard down and bad luck creeps in.  There always seems to be a lesson for us.  Maybe at that moment that we thought we really lost an opportunity:  We actually permitted another opportunity… something equally rewarding or better.   Everything happens for a reason.  Being ready to seize the moment, yet stay relaxed can pay off.

It is good to stay optimistic.  Being prepared this way enables good luck.  To me it seems that somehow – optimism turns the odds in our favour-  sometimes just slightly…. at other times: immensely.  A relaxed, confident state of mind can open doors…. often by starting a good conversation, and creating energy to make things happen.

Think things through,

Feel free-flowing energy: emerging, enabling,

Permitting, persuading, persevering,

Curing, creating, kind and calculated chance:

chores and challenges achieved.

Creating Chance


I want to Explode- I missed another chance… 

I cannot survive- to risk passing more plans…

The wait until tomorrow could never end,

Holding on for the next beautiful God-send, 


Fallen between the cracks and crevasses,

Sand quickly drifting into the darkness,

Through my hands,

Underneath of my feet,

Unknown ever again, far below the path I walk on,


Chance – within a moment: so clearly divine,

Yet the moment before you chose to resign,

Meeting a person that may make your world spin,

In respite, you decide the ways you can win,


One word is spoken, but misunderstood,

Forever changing the way it will go,

Through our minds,

Unseeing our context,

Understood by each of us – in a new and unique way,


Meaning and moments invisible to one,

Clouded, yet now we share the bright brilliant sun,

Goals that can occupy one person’s lifetime,

Wait one more fickle moment for just the right line,


Great events occur that affect us each,

There is no mistaking the powerful,

Through our goals,

Unreal thoughts may outstretch,

Unimaginable: a world without a complex mind,


Extending that key word into precision,

Attention: focus that defines our vision,

Goals that must be realistically defined,

In hobbies or pastimes – fine to get behind,


In precious building blocks of who we are,

It pays to be careful, yet risk on a star,

Through clear eyes,

Untold sights may appear,

Unexpected change occurs – be aware you’re creating

Flower Child

A long time ago, I came up with the idea that love should be kind of an even thing.  Everyone deserves some.   Do we have the capacity to love our enemies?  Conceptually?

This kind of hippie consideration might make it easier for people to get along – even compromise.  Maybe then, in one home: disagreements, yelling, irrational insults and even divorce could unravel with the consideration for basic humanity: respect.

How can it help?  Well it goes to show.  Even if a couple may split up – a simple respect that involves effort and endurance, may make the aftermath a lot less messy.

You can’t love everyone like they are your best friend, or your soul mate, but you can love everyone, such that you treat them with the respect of humanity.  If that care for the human condition is cradled and admitted to, it can persist to stop battles – or at least reduce casualties.

I am trying to love you,

Don’t you have the time?

Are you locked in social convention?

As the clock is quickly dying?

I see someone trying to love me,

But I just don’t have the time,

I am burning up each single moment,

Still I yearn for what is mine,

Everybody needs someone,

Even if it’s just their self,

Economy and social battle fronts,

Prevent many from sacred wealth,

I am trying to love you,

Don’t you have the time?

Is that simple thought too sick for you?

Or is it healthy in your mind?


leepic 056

Painting: Lee Matuga

Scenery Figures in Time

Buntzen Lake

The form of the beach is so finely determined,

The criss-cross of shoe treads looking like bird prints,

Even the far shore is alive with colour,

Lying fog more apparent on the other –


The channel right between where the mountains meet,

The hydro station past the green, buried deep,

These bright creations converge near the pavement,

As human nature wades in on the ancient –


A strong tree grows from the hundred-year-old stump,

Some fishing boats troll for trout near the pump,

Engineering feats are often in these years,

World view that’s secluded – to me seems quite clear –


Planes above, dimensions are on level ground,

Beach view, city view – won’t change my reaction,

Bad mood, or good mood is where my action’s found,

It’s the natural social-species question,


How do we keep things from falling all over?

It’s what we receive from the environment,

We need confidence to keep it all rolling,

Strategies to handle what’s inside our head –


Everything around us has an effect,

If this lake of water has so much power,

It will change in time with the way we reflect,

As it has changed my time in the last hour,





Wild side~

I had a chance to go to my ‘sanctuary’ today.  I need that time to think.  It is also calming for me to write, so before I made all my plans for work and chores, I took a bit of time to write the poem above.  You can actually hike way up into the mountains here.  There’s waterfalls – both natural, and part of the hydro system.  Up at the top – it feels more pristine, but the lake and beach are still inspiring and beautiful. B.C. eh?

The Concept of Sanctuary in Modern Society?

I have really been busy.  I am working hard to make progress to find a job that I have the training for, and in the meantime, while that’s not happening too quick: to make a job transition into something that actually suits me.  I had an interview with a previous employer today.  I would like the job, but I think we both have mixed feelings.  I hope to find employment that I can not only make money at, but also pursue my goals in education, psychology and mental health.  This would be opposed to finding the same types of work in construction that I have often hated over the last 10+ years.  Big problem with such a transition is: construction (as an electrician), tends to pay pretty well, whereas work in mental health and of course being a student does not pay well.  I have a family.


My views about compassion, honesty and psychology tend to be shut down at every corner – especially in construction.  How is it that helping people cope and find wellness will put me deeper in debt?  Why are these jobs – that often are very involved and in extremely high demand today – so poorly paying??


ANYWAYS, I saw a really cool poem the other day on this blog site regarding ‘sanctum sanctorum’, which I had just been reading about.  For that matter, I brought the idea of ‘sanctuary’ up in a class that day.  The question in our discussion was ‘What is something that everyone really wants (i.e. to help with mental wellness)?’  I say: ‘sanctuary’.


The poem below is from a collection that I have sent out.  The line: ‘Don’t tell me about your desires’ is not directed towards the audience.  Rather it is similar to what the job system and the looming part of society (that might not always be so compassionate)  might say to me.  I’m not complaining about all the individuals that make up society.  I am referring to the system that we are often a part of.  Some of us can rise above, or at least make a niche.  Sometimes we are forced to work on the front lines.   I’m not intentionally comparing myself to a soldier here (That is a position that I have the utmost respect).  The front-line also discusses some blue collar work – and for that matter: any difficult work.   I would offer my views to anyone that it could help.

People are busting themselves up to make ends meet (All inclusive).  I do put my body on the line.  Whine for the day: we have to deal with: Asbestos, dangerous voltages, fiberglass, toxic dust, working at heights, sharp, dirty and toxic materials often everywhere.  Boohoo for me.  Some have it a lot worse.  What I am trying to get at is ways to reduce stress.  If we cannot reduce stress, because we are being hounded and forced to get work done without consideration for mental health, without necessary relax-time and appropriate social treatment – then there is something wrong with the system.   I do have some ideas of how to fair well in this system, but they may not always work.  Mindfulness and developing realistic confidence can help.  Meditation is a way to escape for a while.

This is what I think a lot of us desire:  some form of escape and…. sanctuary.   Sometimes I think that our answers to this quest are unhealthy, partly because of the confines of “the system.”  Often drugs or alcohol are seen as the only escape.   I work and sometimes succeed in finding sanctuary in some places and some states of mind.  Not to say that I don’t have drinks, but I always remember ‘moderation’ and set guidelines like:  just a couple, no earlier than afternoon and not every day.  I would like to think I take a healthy approach.  If I can help others do the same and promote mental stability and wellness – this should also be a rewarding job.  Is this idealistic and ego-centric?  I don’t think so….

This poem does NOT really fit in to describe strategies in mental health, but it does describe how some of us may feel (in our need for sanctuary) and in some relationships.  It might just be way out there, in my personal collection.  I would not include this poem as a therapeutic tool.  Rather it is more for discussion that some of you may appreciate.  I would think that the poem is just a few crazy thoughts that some people can relate to.




Every day I have rays of sunshine,



Blissful thoughts

Comforting spots

I want now

To take it all in


Deception and correction

Your truth

What it used to be

Changed when I asked

For the truth


Take it all in

The meaning and underlying truth

But what it seems to be

Might not be real

I need proof



I want proof

Rigid construction

Of reality

Partial prescription

Of sensibility


Sometimes derailed

By psychedelic spires


Don’t tell me about

Your desires

Everybody wants their

Own perception



I am not sure just how aptly titled the poem is, but the closing line “Everybody wants their own perception” describes to me, the fact that many of us do really want that sacred personal space, where what we think and perceive is our own, or at least willingly, freely shared.

Sacred Spot


A Look-Out in Nature:  Perceptions – Free of Stigma and Economy’s Social Trials

When there is absolutely nothing better to do,

I read a book, few of ancient eyes ever knew,

Why sit passively writing past the end of days’ view,

The sky stretched across the city, the snapshot stays true,

The bright shining sphere lights up every page outside,

No one has seen this before – the day’s light has never lied,

This moment waited forever until now to be tried,

Vision reels with the core view – the stigma why I cried,

My perception is not seen, by anyone but me,

Injustice of a few things, are hard for them to see,

With righteous eyes opening, connecting is a key,

My cognition is grinding until the day I’m free,

Yesterday had good hours, now – maybe today too,

Have to keep the world spinning, when worries may seem few,

One moment of comfort falters, and that is one sure cue,

Proving complex points of view, can really take you through,

You see nothing that I claim – my writing seems a bore,

Last verse there’s a challenge that you really can’t ignore,

Just like the convenience you bought from the closest store,

The package seems the same as every one before,


After long hours, I reflect on the day…


When there is absolutely nothing better to do,

I may seek dark hues aged-fine to help me make it through,

I may play on fields of grass if I start to feel so blue,

The absolute strongest way to live, just known by me and you:

Just to stare at the sky across the country that is bright but grey,

The white clouds have drifted beyond the trees where I lay,

Fly wings, fly – chase distant dreams overlapping the day,

Flocks of birds pass by above, spinning high as I pray,

Eagle circling my prayer of love, shadowed in the seas,

Salty schools of fish spied, I sit in the tops of trees,

Then up to the mountains, where the ancient waters freeze,

Just below, scenic plateau, there is a telling breeze,

The look-out, hidden from economy’s social trials,

My face is not well-known, but is seen by all the miles,

The evolution of this place, the inner ghost it riles,

Nature laughs among itself, the true free-thinker smiles,

As I stop to think, really summon my spirit thought,

I gaze far and wide- imagine each secluded plot,

What will this environment dictate, What else has been taught?

Where, when and how can I rise in life,

as to this sacred spot?


I wrote this today about a hike yesterday…. There are a few other meanings involved.  Feel free to ask.

Scientific Dreams

Hi there.  I wanted to put in a more inspired poem, before I put away my blogging keyboard for a few days.  I wrote this today.  I have recorded a vocal track for it, and will be working on the guitar track this evening.  I hope you enjoy.  I am picturing blues/folk/hard rock.

I’ve got to roll

And I’ve got a soul

And I can’t believe it all anymore

Got to get round

Can’t get down

And I can’t believe it all anymore

Believe in the soul and you will find out all it’s worth,

Found out what it means today – an absolute rebirth,

Believe in the soul and you will find out what it means,

We are all connected in the universal screens, Yup


I’ve got to roll now,

I’ve got a soul now,

And I can believe now that I am up,

Got to get round now,

I can’t get down now,

And I can believe now that I am up,

Wake up into the soul and find out all it’s worth,

Found out what it means awaken an absolute rebirth,

Believing in the soul, yah, and find out what it means,

We are all connected in the scientific dreams, Yah

Chasing the action

That’s just a fraction

Of what is going on at the other side

Now I think it’s true

I’m connected to you

Everything, every one – right inside



IMG_2780 (2)

Just a last minute thought for the day.



Blue in the face,

From yelling and screaming,

Can anyone hear what I’ve been dreaming?

My eyes are watering from staring at the sun,

The most perfect of circles has caught me undone,

First there is one,

Now there are eight globes streaming,

Can anyone see what I’ve been dreaming?

My body is shaking and its hard to find sleep,

The hill I’ve been climbing is forever steep,

Where is the top?

I look up as angels are teaming,

Can anyone feel what I’ve been dreaming?

I can taste the grit and smell the road’s dirt,

I made a fortune and then lost my shirt,

Not far to go…

The morning fog begins steaming,

Can anyone tell what I’ve been dreaming?

Prometheus’ plea


Prometheus Rising

Perception may be necessarily true,

Your vision comes first, then I’m after you,

At some times that depends on what you construe,

In parallel I’m perceived first –  we must assume,

Now I have found just what I’m looking for,

Optimism growing and opening your door,

Focusing on time with our face in the screen,

Avoiding turbulence in life if you know what I mean,

A disgruntled soldier faces endless days,

To find a new passage to the happy place,

Smiles on the inside now that it is better,

Fought off suffering when under the weather,

Here’s a slice of heaven to brighten the earth,

What was found in the stars gave creative mirth,

Before climbing to the sun – chained to a rock,

Day tomorrow the same, swear to break the lock,

Eagle eyes my own as my liver’s eaten,

Desires to find the mood has left me beaten,

Mighty Zeus high above: why is it wrong to share?

The fire is finely crafted to make us more aware

I started this poem this weekend (partly inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley and a supervisor…).  For now I have finished it.  In myth Prometheus stole fire from the sun (metaphor for art) and was punished by Zeus.  In the end, I tie this into the blog below.

It has been drawn to my attention that mindfulness, by convention – is only mindfulness of the present.  Sorry if I have reworked that to include mindfulness of the future and past.   In the traditional definition: focus on breathing, and sensations, without pain – in the present moment is very powerful.  This is a hugely popular and – in fact: ancient strategy.  I do not want to discredit myself or offend anyone by mistreating this important term.

My layman’s take on it is that thinking about or being mindful of other thoughts is also effective to avoid pain or depression.  Maybe I am looking at a homonym for mindfulness that might be defined as: being full of thinking (and productive thinking).  To me thinking about a good time or a future moment of content can take my mind to a better place,  and include planning.  This has been therapeutic for me.  We are all different.  I hope that these ideas help, but I can’t be sure.  When I am doing a tedious job, I often make plans for the future and set goals.  This helps me get by and time seems to move faster.

I guess Prometheus may have been condemned because art may be very unique.  To try to share art (for example: ideas about mindfulness), with the masses – he must appeal to everyone.  That is extremely difficult or impossible.  What appeals – or is therapeutic to one person may be the opposite for someone else.  It seems to be a straight-forward metaphor that art – like fire: can be dangerous in the wrong hands?   I still think that Zeus could go easy on him, especially if Prometheus was able to finally prove that his art had a general utilitarian value.

Thinking in New Ways

Sometimes it is great to be busy.  Right now is one of those times.

I am an electrician, although currently unemployed!  So I have to find a job.  In the meantime I have been spending all my minutes on the study of psychology and the arts too.  My hours are dedicated to my children.

The short of it is that I have a few moments to blog today.  VERY important moments.

I thought about my last blog, and it is fine to discuss nirvana.  What I missed discussing is the more obvious: Nirvana and the death of Kurt Cobain.  At the other end of the spectrum, and sometimes closely related to ‘nirvana’ is severe depression and suicide.  It has the potential to rob the lives of the people we love – like Kurt.

I believe that the mindfulness that focusses on the present – as well as mindfulness of good memories, potential for good moments in the future, and even fantasy (as I discuss in my last blog) – can help a person with depression.  There is no absolute solution, but education on ‘mindfulness’ is one great avenue for self-management.  In bipolar disorder a person may swing from the height of mania, or even a sense of nirvana – to the lows of depression.  Balance is so important to achieve, and self-management strategies including mindfulness can be the key to success and content.  Other important strategies are: having a balanced, nutritious diet, getting exercise, getting the right amount of sleep, avoiding substance use and taking prescribed medication.  There are many other strategies as well.  One of the key strategies that people with mood disorders use is expression (i.e. in the form of creativity). Even if this is not a ‘strategy’ per se, it is a part of life where people find inspiration. With help: the artistic side can also lead to balance. All the while that people are finding this balance: the rewarding product of music, or visual art is developed and recognized.

As time is limited today, I have drawn on a poem from my past (years ago) to insert here:


My future is painted here and there

With brush in hand, I’m taking care

Sometimes my design is so hard to see

Sometimes the easel is so hard to see

Sometimes the painting is so hard to see

My future is painted here and there,

It’s a collaboration – I’m quite aware,

Sometimes the artists are so hard to see

Sometimes my partners are hard to see

Sometimes (my) God is so hard to see

Listen to the sound of the falling rain

Listen to the sound of the passing train

Can you see the bird singing in the trees?

Can you see the leaves caught up in the breeze?

Listen to the wind as the cars pass by

Can you hear the roadside sigh?

My future is waiting here and there

With that in mind, I’m taking care

Sometimes the right way is so hard to see

Sometimes the pathway is so hard to see

Sometimes the road is so hard to see

Watching all the places as I pass by,

Watching all the faces as I pass by,

When will I stop to wander?

Where will I stop I wonder?

Where we stop to wander is very important.  Having a strong social network and company (family, friends) is paramount for me.  Sometimes we are still alone, and this is an important time to have options.  I do what I need to do to get by and find ways to be content.  That means taking time for myself to enjoy creativity.  When the process may start out seeming boring or saddening, I try to focus on the small details, focus on what is interesting and focus on the next moment of content.  Life is a journey.  No destination is final, even if we are stuck in one spot.  When we can think of ways to be content, we can be content.  Even when we are standing still, the journey goes on and there will always be a chance to see the art in it, and to find rewards in what we do.  Thinking is freedom, or thinking in new ways can allow freedom and content.