Flower Child

A long time ago, I came up with the idea that love should be kind of an even thing.  Everyone deserves some.   Do we have the capacity to love our enemies?  Conceptually?

This kind of hippie consideration might make it easier for people to get along – even compromise.  Maybe then, in one home: disagreements, yelling, irrational insults and even divorce could unravel with the consideration for basic humanity: respect.

How can it help?  Well it goes to show.  Even if a couple may split up – a simple respect that involves effort and endurance, may make the aftermath a lot less messy.

You can’t love everyone like they are your best friend, or your soul mate, but you can love everyone, such that you treat them with the respect of humanity.  If that care for the human condition is cradled and admitted to, it can persist to stop battles – or at least reduce casualties.

I am trying to love you,

Don’t you have the time?

Are you locked in social convention?

As the clock is quickly dying?

I see someone trying to love me,

But I just don’t have the time,

I am burning up each single moment,

Still I yearn for what is mine,

Everybody needs someone,

Even if it’s just their self,

Economy and social battle fronts,

Prevent many from sacred wealth,

I am trying to love you,

Don’t you have the time?

Is that simple thought too sick for you?

Or is it healthy in your mind?


leepic 056

Painting: Lee Matuga

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