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Power to Praise Reality – Getting through Doubt


It is our lives in the balance,

Between night and day,

Between blind doubt and confidence,

Beneath all our intelligence,

Yet, if we tell ourselves how it won’t work out:

It should force us to push through the doubt,

When disbelief isn’t real,

It’s just something we use to get ahead,

Face the worst case scenario –

Then climb to the best,

Never falling behind,

Still have time to rest,

And for the rest of it all, we press harder and harder,

Work, think and plan-  while we keep up the yard or

Do the chores, the jobs and tasks,

Run into the room, when home at last,

Find love, feel good, feel free and get farther,

Into the day, into the future, still smarter,

Relax for a moment as we look at our garden,

Nurture this life,

Experience that pushes us forward,

Thoughts of encouragement,

Everything we do is driven by our goals,

Whether they’re prefabricated, brand new or instinctual,

Our conscious decisions do guide our days,

But unconscious, subconscious really makes waves,

And if we ever stop to wonder what it’s all about,

It’s a myriad of truth that is both unique and planned out,

Guiding force can come from within or outside,

We must learn – our control is something that lied,

Down on the field, took a break, then restarted,

We must give all our strength, stay true to the heart and

Join our thoughts with all that we know,

Science and art, move fast, then go slow,

The world’s oceans and earth,

With every day – rebirth,

Like business and society,

Our relationships and privately,

Becoming original,

Draw a clean slate for:

New events and emotions that create,

Feeling in each step we take,

Have a groove, feel the wave,

Be magnetic in fun ways,

Like a forest we each are deep,

So complex in sun rays,

We each make good use of space,

And the more we believe,

The more that truth stays,

Our life is hanging in the balance,

Like pine needles or leaves,

On the trees of challenge,

Leaving battles behind when the foliage falls,

And then wise or lucky,

Being strong above all,

Growing stronger each year,

Obstacles we face,

Life falls to the floor,

But it is not a waste,

All our needs, all our wants and goals,

Help us give back life and soul,

When we see the good in someone:

It’s best that it’s told,

Chase after the ace,

Through all life’s plays,

Work hard, work stays,

Relaxation really pays,

Live life how we want,

It may just be a phase,

But to help us succeed,

And to find better days,

Tell the truth when we need,

To help lift the haze,

And just for us, the world, our team:

Always give Praise

And especially to yourself.



Love of Life

sun dog (2)

I’m sure of time right now,

And so I face my fate,

It’s already happening,

I can guarantee I won’t be late,


Breathing in your real true love,

And I anticipate,

When we collapse tonight,

First we will have set things straight,


Let’s climb heights no words can say,

Rise strong to take all we need,

Get wrapped up in our world and play,

Rest easy as we dream,

Don’t worry about anything,

See clear the day ahead,

And make the most because every minute matters,


We start the day sublime,

The fine line is just in sight,

We make sure it reigns,

Way past the morning light,


And I’m so sure you know,

The pace can make this race,

Whether we take it fast or slow,

We will win in absolutely any case,


When we think first with soul,

We make it through this way,

No challenge we have to fear,

Let’s make the most of every night and day,


We embrace the world,

All we need is truly here,

One thing we can surely say,

Is that our love of life is always clear