Love of Life

sun dog (2)

I’m sure of time right now,

And so I face my fate,

It’s already happening,

I can guarantee I won’t be late,


Breathing in your real true love,

And I anticipate,

When we collapse tonight,

First we will have set things straight,


Let’s climb heights no words can say,

Rise strong to take all we need,

Get wrapped up in our world and play,

Rest easy as we dream,

Don’t worry about anything,

See clear the day ahead,

And make the most because every minute matters,


We start the day sublime,

The fine line is just in sight,

We make sure it reigns,

Way past the morning light,


And I’m so sure you know,

The pace can make this race,

Whether we take it fast or slow,

We will win in absolutely any case,


When we think first with soul,

We make it through this way,

No challenge we have to fear,

Let’s make the most of every night and day,


We embrace the world,

All we need is truly here,

One thing we can surely say,

Is that our love of life is always clear



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