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Invest Only in Peace and Love Dealings


What do I see

As I step out my front door


Nature reaching heights in beauty

That don’t come easy


In some ways

We are spoiled like kids

Brilliant rewards but bitter battles

Starting low at the ground

Brave in the system

Each day we enjoy

And suffer

Only Peace and Love matters


What do I see

As I step into the world


Nature teaching rights in duty

That don’t come easy


Surely, we are loyal to this

Resilient species

Even a natural rival

Hard to see like the wind

Built in the system

Each day fight or flight

We’re tougher

As for Peace and Love I fall


What do I see

As I step into the future


Nature preaching insight so moody

It won’t flow easy


To understand we toil in fits

In millions of mirrors

Images of a martyr

Stand alone or are found

We are the system

Each day perception

Our buffer

Feeling makes Peace and Love smarter


What do I see

And What is the truth?

Because looks can be deceiving


What I hear

Is water lapping

against the shore

at the side of a lake

and it soothes


Spirits embraced

Are not seen or known

We wander down

Truth isn’t shown

The enchanting sound

Is a flag that’s flown



All I see

Is driven by need

Energy flowing to or from it


What we need

Is what we’re tapping

Feet on the ground

Won’t hide a mistake

That we choose


Spirits displaced

That aren’t seen or known

Let’s clamber down

For truth to be shown

Admit and reach out

Specifically those



What do I see

As I live my life today


Nature reaching heights in beauty

That don’t come easy


In some ways

Life is royal and rich

Filling finances and freezing feelings

Shunning those fallen down

Forgot by the system

Each day we enjoy

And suffer

Invest only in Peace and Love dealings


Include Everyone (Sunshine After a Very Wicked Storm)

Never know the name of the game

Or the social norm

until I’m playing again

Oh the pain!

Life is like sunshine after a

Very wicked storm

or a picnic in the rain

How I’m praying


Include Everyone

Have some fun

Bring it on

Don’t forget the storm

When it’s gone

Bring it on

Ride again


Never mind the mess

Are you impressed

By the social storm?

Help yourself

Just say when

I’m all in

Whatever you want

Let your

Welcome be well-worn

Permanent fixtures are blessed

In the end


Include Everyone

Have some fun

Bring it on

Welcome’s warm

Threads we don

Bring it on

Comfort’s best


Welcome sounds of the Earth breathing

The sky sighs as the storm is leaving

The air is fresh with renewed energy

Day glistens

Life launches from trees

Sparkling fresh

Each creature

Wakes up bright from dreaming

Birds Twitter

Bees achieving

Frog announces peace for now

Then a collective “Wow!”


Never be the one without sun

Try to be socially warm

And have good fun

And get work done

Life can be chaotic like a

Very wicked storm

or a good reason to run

Or having none


Include Everyone

Make some fun

Bring it on

Don’t forget the storm

But when it’s gone

Get it on

Till you’re done


Do it again

Bring it on

Embrace the Place Where Shadows Stay


Parades like a peacock

Around social circles

Inside he hides humility

That won’t show in his purpose


Fading fast in heavy grass

Head down as the tale perks up

His pride won’t die, he has ability

Because of love in surplus


Nothing done wrong

Life like a song

Just Peace and Love he worships


Obeys the hand he got

Ignores social knock-offs

Aim to prove all he sees

Their bluff to him: a lost cause


She rakes in wins as he begins

But they make him nervous

Her cry inside no others see

Because no tears will turn up


No fallen rain

A hidden pain

No truth can be as pure as


Amazing claim he makes now

Desperate to connect

Stakes a life on dreams

At least ones he can protect


Lends his ears to love he hears

Music and folk he respects

Strength resides in bends and slides

Quick-picking flies how he reflects


A web she weaves

He never leaves

His soul she resurrects


Sustains breath in his sprit

and prays no one objects

Here, there and everywhere

Simple jealousy upsets


Each day-to-day he lives and pays

Experience he can’t forget

Skeptics unfairly stop and stare

What they don’t get, they reject


View of the sun

We each have one

The image that projects


Home is where the heart is

Everywhere we go

But if our heart is hidden

Home we may never know


She was treated wrong

All day long

When she reached out

They turned away


Rules of fools

Didn’t allow

True words she would say


So her heart

Was hidden away

and her shadow came to play


Chastised like a spider

At home an outsider

Inside she hides humility

That’s what they’ve denied her


All she tried they’ve defied

They aren’t the ones to guide her

Her pride won’t die


She needs a web that’s wider


Create a norm

Instate a storm

Include each and every rider


Invading as a glider

Social justice-minded

Applied fine agility

To find a spot beside her


Caring wide for those he spied

Sharing words that wouldn’t chide her

In moments they had solidarity

But our system is the great divider


No human bond

Or care beyond

The majority decider


Rain could still immerse us

In our social circles

Lives with more tranquility

Trapped beneath the surface


The pain’s the same as curses

Unspoken words or verses

Public codes of civility

Stigma will never nurse us


Feeling unsaid

Love left for dead

While the richest fill their purses


A bright bird becomes demure

Larger-than-life tourist

Why project misery?

Their caring is the surest


The purest words are rarely heard

From social usurpers

Power lies with such hostility

Our culture kills or cures us


We need magic

That isn’t tragic

Kindness that conjures us


Kind is a heart making good

Anywhere it goes

But if a heart is hidden

Hope may never show


He was treated wrong

All day long

When he reached out

They made him pay


Fuelled by rules

They sat and frowned

True words they wouldn’t say


So their hearts

hid away

and his shadow came to play


Day fades far behind trees

Beyond social safety

In night they fight fragility

Boundary in dreams


Goals of peace just won’t cease

Labeled disordered or diseased

Kindness treated as disability

Blind system is a beast


No caring voice

Or sharing joys

Blood-thirsty rich do as they please


Moon peaks past tired trees

Mirrors social deep-freeze

Awake always in fear’s proximity

Tears shine and can’t appease


Lone star greets, Our eye meets

Adheres to day’s defeats

Strive to stifle anxiety

Vision with no light cheats


Save grace

To change this place

Fierce Hope never retreats


Sunrise with acute focus

Today still seems dangerous

No social responsibility

Politician rich and famous


Those we chose no one opposes

Approach a door and it closes

Attack a lack of accountability

So clear no one chose this


Pride past dollars

Lifelong scholars

Stigma in control imposes


Disgrace that is ludicrous

Unfairly overtaken indigenous

Allies denied connectivity

Kind people treated heinous


Striking poses and We know this

Few between truly show this

Pray, don’t say “futility”

Optimism thrives like roses


Ever-fertile Earth

Cultural rebirth

Sun and moon that tows us


Home is where the heart is

Everywhere we go

If our hearts are hidden

Home we never know


People treated wrong

For so long

Try to reach out

But get turned away


Rules uncool

Not allowing

True words we have to say


So our hearts

Get hidden away

Embrace the place where shadows stay