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Seizing Opportunity


Picture taken by my Dad


Everyone expects it, in time: Change,

Like an eagle swooping out of the sky,

Grasping a meal, and seizing the future,

For the prey: life’s cycle comes to an end,

A final consequence of the action,

The eagle’s life is perpetuated,

I cannot be sure if I will rejoice

In the new day, high on top of the world,

With energy building, I see so far,

Or does the dream stop now? The tables turned?

With a great need for change, this idle life

Of the prey: a missed opportunity,

A form that may surely appear again,

But now has faded into the moment



I started writing this about the two paths that you can take at any given time.  Either way there are consequences – as we edge forward to reach our goals.  Missed opportunity can be a drag, but in some ways it could help us build for the future – make us hungrier.   In my opinion it helps your spirit to be optimistic.

The Bright Side

Storm_Aug30_small (2)

Picture taken by my Dad

So you know when lightning hits and it gives you a charge?  You kind of laugh a bit and say, “Wow that was close!”  At the same time a bit nervous, but excited? Scared, but hoping it happens again?

This is a sonnet about problems, laughter and looking on the bright side that I connected to lightning.  It’s like laughing at problems can help deal with them.  So long as you can still laugh – it’s not that bad?

For me, at times, things will just be going along…and then: something really striking happens, that energizes me.

“Missing Lightning”

It’s great when you can laugh about what gives,

Problems can dissipate from perspectives,

Parts of pain in life fade fast with humour,

A sure sign is your smile – It suits you more,

You may laugh at things when they are funny,

Or you may have just broken down and cried,

Sometimes easy to enjoy irony,

Wait briefly, anger and fear may subside,

So amazing how it turns out this way,

A thunder crash shook up my soul today,

A thrilling laugh as I don’t think as much,

I sense each stray strike: every new touch,

When it’s too distant, I miss knowing this,

The unbridled power in lightning’s kiss

Critical Mass – Surviving Art – Saving Grace

to 17-1-13 036

This is just another sonnet about being creative and how supposed art or work can sometimes be received  ( Not always- just sometimes – or in some cases).  I try to remain upbeat.  Lucky for me I can find other work to pay the bills, and have my artistic side, and education goals to live off.   It is still nice to be able to share images.  There is something still welcoming about this scene.

Hold tight to the end, when optimism shines through or pays off.

Critical Mass

Surrender now to the critical world,

It is different light, from which they see,

On the verge of holding heaven unfurled,

Instead they decide to crucify me,

Awake!  Did you hear that?   Are you aware?

The beaten has risen from where it lay,

Scrutiny of words, with a cross to bear,

The goal has been taken, now I will pay,

No fate on this earth has been sold for sure,

Unless the die is filled, it is not true,

The water you drink within wine is pure,

The flesh you shed may it never be new,

Work that you behold they may never know,

Saving grace can change the way it will go

Moving Mountains

mikecell 10-2012 154

I am going to take a trip outside of our current season (Winter) and  address a metaphor that I have here.  When I look back at this picture, I remember a story.  A week or two before these signs were up, we walked the trail, and 3 out of 4 of us were stung (including the dog).  With the help of concerned hikers, we learned to avoid repeating the same stress.  Sometimes it takes a sign to know the best way.  Other times a memory can give the needed direction – to change paths, climb mountains and move mountains.  Relative to you when you are climbing a mountain:  The mountain is moving.

Freedom flowing through some frantic fancies

Writing down thoughts for action,

All important,

I do everything that’s on my list,

We only get this chance once in a while

Make the most of it, memories are made,

We’ve found time to spend! When we don’t get this:

Stress starts swarming like ferocious insects,

Several somehow squeezing through a screen,

Searching to sting exposed skin or suck blood,

I am planning now for the day ahead,

And the fierce scream of the bugs in my life

Fade away as I swat dead: irritants,

That once cluttered my working mind and time,

Now I can dream of the travel of days,

Through the fields, through the forest, on the trails,

On the road, under full skies, on we go,

Through the valley, the country, the city,

Once home’s found, I think of the day to be,

Separated from anxiety by

A thin shield of melted time – sand that slips

Through glass…Every vision I see is

Breathing without pain, without fear, without

Stress as long as the rhythm holds. We are

Fine-tuned engines if properly maintained,

Moving mountains while murmuring: our minds

Machines moving through massive mental skies,

Ideas I forgot or remember

Left over thoughts that incrementally

Build the beliefs and new resolutions,

Charge the decision and the will to move

Shift Work

2014 jan 063


God said feel your way fledgling,

And the lone young bird hopped off the branch, high in the tree top,

Day grew old,

And the sun sunk into a red fiery haze,

The young bird enveloped in darkness, as it sleeps through the night,

A small mammal wakes to the nighttime world,

The moon calmly nudges the creature into its nocturnal flight,

In search of food:  insects,

Mysterious travels

Sight in sound, beyond that




There is so much to see in nature.  Sometimes we can see a leap of faith.  At night, it is hard to see.  Sometimes I use my imagination (of course when we dream).  Cool to think about bats, that have a different sort of sense.  Flying through the night based on sonar.  At some point the travels between faith and sense are intersected by instinct – impulsivity.  There definitely seems to be a period of learning.


Strong supports

morning in the city

Pleasure-filled moments of triumph living,

In my memories and in my new days,

Nothing is missing in these scattered times,

I have been without pain and now faith stays,

Now I have forgotten the suffering,

Even in dreams I am free to wander,

Love in the landscape that speeds below me,

As I lay down: no worries to ponder,

Then it happened, chance delivers a blow,

Falling through clouds, smashing down far below,

There was no warning sign as faith just died,

An empty void where my body had lied,

Pulled pieces together with help from friends,

Rebuilt the structures supporting my way,

Impulsive moves could disturb plans again,

A guide with compassion and it would stay,

Strength of the body, beauty in the mind,

Reason to believe in peace that I find


Strength comes from within, but friends and a compassionate guide can help restore faith.  Optimism also helps build peace.

Logical Assumptions

08-2013 002

Finding  Temporary Sanctuary… Intermittent Peace

Years that last forever, shapes unchanged, Rock of Ages, Beauty,

Endless, endless the nights without driven dreams, Awakens,

Exposing the stars, delivered by bright thoughts, Strength,

Forgive me for not knowing what I had come across,

Integral parts of the model locked in my mind,

Conversation like wet newspapers,

Crumbling as memory recedes,

Open to suggestions,

We rebuild,