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Moving Mountains

mikecell 10-2012 154

I am going to take a trip outside of our current season (Winter) and  address a metaphor that I have here.  When I look back at this picture, I remember a story.  A week or two before these signs were up, we walked the trail, and 3 out of 4 of us were stung (including the dog).  With the help of concerned hikers, we learned to avoid repeating the same stress.  Sometimes it takes a sign to know the best way.  Other times a memory can give the needed direction – to change paths, climb mountains and move mountains.  Relative to you when you are climbing a mountain:  The mountain is moving.

Freedom flowing through some frantic fancies

Writing down thoughts for action,

All important,

I do everything that’s on my list,

We only get this chance once in a while

Make the most of it, memories are made,

We’ve found time to spend! When we don’t get this:

Stress starts swarming like ferocious insects,

Several somehow squeezing through a screen,

Searching to sting exposed skin or suck blood,

I am planning now for the day ahead,

And the fierce scream of the bugs in my life

Fade away as I swat dead: irritants,

That once cluttered my working mind and time,

Now I can dream of the travel of days,

Through the fields, through the forest, on the trails,

On the road, under full skies, on we go,

Through the valley, the country, the city,

Once home’s found, I think of the day to be,

Separated from anxiety by

A thin shield of melted time – sand that slips

Through glass…Every vision I see is

Breathing without pain, without fear, without

Stress as long as the rhythm holds. We are

Fine-tuned engines if properly maintained,

Moving mountains while murmuring: our minds

Machines moving through massive mental skies,

Ideas I forgot or remember

Left over thoughts that incrementally

Build the beliefs and new resolutions,

Charge the decision and the will to move