Monthly Archives: July 2016

Sun Day, Water Day, World Day

april buntzen 020

Today, hundreds of people at this beach,

Private waterfront is so hard to reach,

Lots of folks out and the traffic is slow,

The same as any other place we go,

June has been unseasonably hot, not dry,

With public bodies of water nearby,

For eternity we yearn to spend these days,

When our skin burns, to learn is a key to praise,

On vague markers of yesterday’s climate,

There’s always change here, but can you time it?

Ice melts in my drink, close another chapter,

Tan turns red and pink, I can feel it much after,

Today, you can just feel this world’s atmosphere,

This weather creeps up, as the cost becomes clear,

Still, beach attitude gets way more intense,

With more days off, think that money’s well spent,

Under the collars of people at work,

Sweat forms, blood boils, still some have a smug smirk,

For some: no escape, the future seems bleak,

We thought the weekend was the end of the week,

The heat brings people to the water-side,

Frisbees, footballs, food in coolers supplied,

Kids wear hand-me-downs from family roots,

With flip-flops, cutoffs, and bright-coloured suits,

The water welcomes when the sun is so bold,

Warms the lake’s surface, bottom still deeply cold,

Some highs are good such as wicked cliff dives,

But both haste and waste can quickly take lives,

This day we drove past to the ocean shore,

By noon at the lake, we can’t park anymore,

The lake where the tree holds onto the stump,

Too busy today, we turn past with a bump,

The sea-side is cool to go for wet walks,

Pools of salty life -crabs hide under rocks,

Barnacles and starfish for about a mile,

Keeps the little ones busy for a good little while,

The sound of seagulls, adds a certain charm,

No one was swimming in this ocean arm,

People were in kayaks or slowly wading,

It’s not a swimming beach and sunlight’s fading,

Lucky to access a community pool,

At last we have found a place to stay cool,

Kids kind of bicker, then fight in a way,

Play nice again by the end of the day,

Drove home for dinner with open windows,

A.C. is so great, but a rolled-down-grin shows,

Like you’re more in touch, breeze in your face,

Many nice cars are now out for this race,

Some fast, shining cars, some just do the job,

Save up for barbeques with corn on the cob,

At times we chase after the best of style,

May come to us, but just matters to smile,

Home and fortunate for this type of summer,

This sunshine we have: a global new-comer,

It’s fact- the rays travel every day,

It’s part of nature- that’s planned out this way,

Energy beats down, starting at the sun,

Quickly we engage, understand each one,

Packages of light, seen as they arrive,

Contact warm-to-hot, makes us feel alive,

If we cling to strength in our past frame of mind,

We grow stronger with just enough time to unwind,

Look to the future, with a breath of fresh air,

See ups and downs and work hard to take care,

Between night and day, travel years away,

No matter what time, want a good mood to stay,

Recognize a vision that changes fast,

The moment we see it, we can feel the blast,

Shape your experience, or let it shape you?

Keep focus steady, keep the present true,

Today’s the only way to make life become best,

Work hard for the world, and enjoy all the rest