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Natural teacher

08-2013 001

Branches of searching cedar reach to me,

Immensely kind, strong gestures of a tree,

Knows all that passes, centuries aware,

Embracing glance, an immovable stare,

Rocky bluff stretches, mountain bobs and weaves,

The coloured ground ripples with roots and leaves,

From mulch fern emerge, symmetric green frills,

Random growth springs free, whatever Earth wills,

Waterfalls shining, with bright sparkling gleams,

Hidden moment below, pool deeply dreams,

Creek joins others, brooks become a river,

Dripping wet creature begins to shiver,

Each season, all year, spirits return here,

Teach reason, not fear, forever lurks near

Prayer for peace


lord and ladyWell, I will admit this is inspired…

My friend sings a song about ‘o Lord, give me strength’, and she is not religious!!   It is catchy to me, and makes me wonder if even those of us who claim not to be religious have a little bit of hope from spiritual help inside them.

These are big questions.  I would love to hear comments, but I won’t hold my breath!

(BTW: meant to be taken with a grain of salt)

So over a glass of red, I write:

Striving for Peace, Co-operation and the Will to See it Through

Give me strength, my Lady,

My lady, give me strength,

When I feel your presence,

I will find ways to hold on through the years,

Outside: almost everything,

Our world, environment,

Earth, water, and sky,


Our thoughts reaching far beyond,

Intricate complexities,

Give me strength, my Lord,

Oh Lord, give me strength,

When I feel your presence,

I will find ways to hold on through the years,

Outside: boundless and infinite,

Creatures small, and massive,

Trees climbing so high,


Skyscrapers, reach far beyond

Intricate architecture,

Give me strength, my Lady,

My lady, give me strength,

Inside, what we are born with,

Our form is learned and taught,

Pure blood, bones and brains,


Each humble shape, begins meek

Elegant metamorphosis,

Give me strength, my Lord,

Oh Lord, give me strength,

Inside, we are given strength

Each of us has talents,

Sights, sounds, and bodies,


Driving movements start so meek,

Elegant solution

Symbolic trees

Sorry, no decorations in this blog…. yet.   🙂



Rivers of smiles,

Shores of trust,

Above rocky embankment,

Cornucopia of understanding and joyous exchanges,

Fast, fleeting festivities – forever etched into experience,

Continuously carving totems into personalities,

Lines that have been chiseled into transcendental permanence,

Famous friends, family celebrating,

Forging ways through the hours of monotonous battles,

No fear of isolation,

The bright tree shines with shapes,

It is a symbol of life,

I walk through the forest with great respect and patience,

Slowly, surely tapping into enduring spirit,

Where ancient peace resides,

Making certain

Spending Wisely


Best wishes!   I have just a few thoughts on the best way to spend time and money.  It seems we are pretty much part of the economy and social demand – especially of those with power.  Sometimes this is a great thing – If we have food, shelter, and a good quality of life.  At other times, when we don’t fit in, we need to work hard to make ourselves productive.  When productivity that consistently increases other’s quality of life is not recognized with reward – there seems to be some failure in the system.  This microcosm may be hard to detect, but in the macrocosm, disparity must be recognized.  The insight of those that are in the positions of less power to affect their own outcomes, needs to be addressed.  It is important to consider that even a person who lives in poverty may have potentially great skills and attributes to contribute to society – that is not recognized, because it is not convenient to develop them.  Those without the skills have needs similar to anyone else and we must work together to help everyone have their needs met.

Spend Wisely

Shudder to think of all the wasted time,

Yet the play, the music, the art, and rhyme,

Allows the freedom to work for money,

Without peaceful moments or skies sunny,

There is no patience, no progress or goals,

Pushing for the reward can takes its tolls,

Seems best to have a friend to rely on,

To have a person’s shoulder to cry on,

A guitar for picking, to strum, or express,

Radios to play music that feels best,

TV is there, with a dog or a cat,

I never end my own internal chat,

Yes there is a time to get down to work,

I never avoid it, I will not shirk,

If I raise one soul’s quality of life,

Denying I’m working is the true strife,

Who is hired to make this world better?

Sign me up now, I’m a real go-getter,

When the sky crashes on a poor artist,

Have mercy to ask, ‘why did I start this?’

Was it to make money that creates peace?

That is cool – the best and please never cease,

But for money you can’t think how to spend,

Think again, ‘what ways, and what love can I send?’

Lightning Trasporting People

gpdenver 028

Shortly after this picture was taken, there was a wicked and majestic thunderstorm.  I have remained very close to my kids.  It is important to work for health for all of your family, friends and people that you care about.  This also promotes your own health.

This is just a picture that came into my head.  Today, I have run out of prose and must start new tomorrow.

Yah I hear the echo of the shout,

In the empty walls of car ports and concrete,

A basketball winds out its energy buzzing like hummingbird wings,

Then rolling in a curve into the corner – resting,

A welcome holler as we move on to the park,

Let’s go!

Animals everywhere, insects, people,

Humid air – electric,

Into the playground of the mountains,

Red and rock curving with centuries,

Desert with hills, spiralling cliffs and

Heads rising – peering from looming castles,

Thundering madness, the bolts of God scattering massive charges of glowing power,

While the hum of the air is similar to when you have just left a dream,

A flash in the red mountains, and we drive home in the rain,

Windshield wipers like music, a chatter, meaningful,

Fast food restaurants and peaceful diners,

This night will be a fading memory, eclipsed by the day,

Except I see this street sign,

We have travelled here for a reason,

We will stay together, always present – hold

Solar-system or seasons stand alone

I write ‘poems’ sometimes to paint a picture and then look it and say -“I think this points to life in some ways.” I am really trying to make some difference – whether that is a moment for someone to say: “this is neat,” or a more lasting impression that creates awareness as it expands. It seems hard to do that in a limited amount of time, with a very small part of the population, but still it is a challenge that I am sure many of us are up to!!

I am looking for work still, and I feel bad when my time is not spent productively. I don’t know how productive this poem is, but I am pointing to some ironies and some beauty. If a poem takes me one hour, and is published, or at least stored forever: Isn’t this somewhat productive?? 🙂



Ever-present or Distant

Sure saints share cinders showing fire starts with surreal segments of time,

Silent sorcerers sit sadly surmising happiness stays tomorrow,

The lords, ladies and new creatures are forever intertwined,

Smart students store subtle moments, stealing secrets just to survive,

Strong servants stretch out, so certain some seconds are theirs,

Winter is frozen, shuddering, shivering, to hear those stiff summer calls,

Spring stalls, standing similar, supposedly sunny – some days suspiciously cold with sleet,

Still, weeks shine and superb life starts and grows, the breeze soon shivers less,

Appeasing a wish, summer arrives and then swiftly drifts by in the solid sun and sparkling nights,

The special days of autumn are crimson, sometimes barely recognized as they fall and become sparse,

Near year’s end, surprised by the rejoicing summit, slush and ice are respected and seasons stop inside,

Summer shade seems distant I suppose – in storms and sunshine:

Is there suspense as a saviour stays through every season?

So respectfully I insist- Yes, we succeed somehow,

We are so speculative and concerned about the spirit of the surroundings and the state of awareness,

We each sustain a single system – supported by society, ourselves and our science,

Constellations swirl, as our solar system spins,

Our stellar friend the moon at our side, and the sun resilient in the day’s sky

pocket of peace

Fast is the freedom, forever I run,

Chasing the leader, so quickly I’m done,

I stumble to find a pocket of peace,

The goal I was after made me captive,

Now I chase new dreams, and feel like I’m free,

Just stopping it seems, to find what can be,

Ignoring all that’s insignificant,

And trivial, indignant hypocrites,

Lost is the loneliness, last time I checked,

No limit on time, when I can reflect,

I am rushing to hear all that you say,

Tuning in for treasured moments with you,

Gold and platinum music, your cherished voice,

Friends, family, free populations rejoice,

A race is charged and changed by each new chance,

To get it all together and stand true,

Fast is the freedom, left me at last fall,

Luminous leader, can you hear the call?

Never heard it until I stood outside,

Learned from the sky and became more grounded,

Beside the nights, I fought hard for the days,

So we could be true friends all hours, always,

Nothing is seen as insurmountable,

Or impossible – just as we agreed,

If we falter we will reframe our goals,

Optimism will stay, charging our souls,

What if we should fall deep into trouble?

And in doubt on the outside we will stand,

Life we will live in the world we rebuild,

With our work and labour, hope must be filled,

Love leads my steps as I still long for peace,

Freedom and friendship just around the bend

to november 13 004

Upon awaking

dimpath‘Does Not Stop Here’

Waking without direction,

In one instant: peaceful and mysterious surroundings,

One more surreal moment,

I am thinking of my dream, but the room is not the same,

It is unclear and dark,

Forced to step forward into the unknown,

Like a leap of faith just to live another day,

Futures planning,

Turn the light on,

Who has the healing hand, the spirit guide, the next best move?

I wait,

Levelling my thumb against the wind,

A hitch hiker,

We all seem like water-washed diamonds,

Then… with the cold sudden fury of a divine messenger,

The notes toll me back to myself,

A shower of rain,

A flood of reassurance,

More than natural in the mundane,

The day is young – not old,

I cannot recant or rescind,

From where I stay,

It is immaculate, encompassing,

Words spoken, or written, describe,

A call to friends,

The intelligence,

Not forlorn, not yet,

For we are together in some sense,

Until some end,

Reams piled carefully, not a pyre,

But the fuel of a blazing furnace, an engine,

The train does not stop here,

We travel far, carrying a heavy load,

One day to go,

One day at a time…

I had an essay written on this poem.  Comment if you would like to see it.  Is it fair to use the words of a muse upon awakening?