Solar-system or seasons stand alone

I write ‘poems’ sometimes to paint a picture and then look it and say -“I think this points to life in some ways.” I am really trying to make some difference – whether that is a moment for someone to say: “this is neat,” or a more lasting impression that creates awareness as it expands. It seems hard to do that in a limited amount of time, with a very small part of the population, but still it is a challenge that I am sure many of us are up to!!

I am looking for work still, and I feel bad when my time is not spent productively. I don’t know how productive this poem is, but I am pointing to some ironies and some beauty. If a poem takes me one hour, and is published, or at least stored forever: Isn’t this somewhat productive?? 🙂



Ever-present or Distant

Sure saints share cinders showing fire starts with surreal segments of time,

Silent sorcerers sit sadly surmising happiness stays tomorrow,

The lords, ladies and new creatures are forever intertwined,

Smart students store subtle moments, stealing secrets just to survive,

Strong servants stretch out, so certain some seconds are theirs,

Winter is frozen, shuddering, shivering, to hear those stiff summer calls,

Spring stalls, standing similar, supposedly sunny – some days suspiciously cold with sleet,

Still, weeks shine and superb life starts and grows, the breeze soon shivers less,

Appeasing a wish, summer arrives and then swiftly drifts by in the solid sun and sparkling nights,

The special days of autumn are crimson, sometimes barely recognized as they fall and become sparse,

Near year’s end, surprised by the rejoicing summit, slush and ice are respected and seasons stop inside,

Summer shade seems distant I suppose – in storms and sunshine:

Is there suspense as a saviour stays through every season?

So respectfully I insist- Yes, we succeed somehow,

We are so speculative and concerned about the spirit of the surroundings and the state of awareness,

We each sustain a single system – supported by society, ourselves and our science,

Constellations swirl, as our solar system spins,

Our stellar friend the moon at our side, and the sun resilient in the day’s sky

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