Lightning Trasporting People

gpdenver 028

Shortly after this picture was taken, there was a wicked and majestic thunderstorm.  I have remained very close to my kids.  It is important to work for health for all of your family, friends and people that you care about.  This also promotes your own health.

This is just a picture that came into my head.  Today, I have run out of prose and must start new tomorrow.

Yah I hear the echo of the shout,

In the empty walls of car ports and concrete,

A basketball winds out its energy buzzing like hummingbird wings,

Then rolling in a curve into the corner – resting,

A welcome holler as we move on to the park,

Let’s go!

Animals everywhere, insects, people,

Humid air – electric,

Into the playground of the mountains,

Red and rock curving with centuries,

Desert with hills, spiralling cliffs and

Heads rising – peering from looming castles,

Thundering madness, the bolts of God scattering massive charges of glowing power,

While the hum of the air is similar to when you have just left a dream,

A flash in the red mountains, and we drive home in the rain,

Windshield wipers like music, a chatter, meaningful,

Fast food restaurants and peaceful diners,

This night will be a fading memory, eclipsed by the day,

Except I see this street sign,

We have travelled here for a reason,

We will stay together, always present – hold

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