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I aim to promote mental health and philosophy that will help as many people as possible towards a better quality of life - including myself.

Two Paths Merge



Torn in two

It’s nothing new

Everything I do

Life is true


Work and pray

Every single day

We have to pay

While we work okay


Every moment I know about

Wouldn’t be the same without

Something true

How about you?


Every day that I live without

Things that makes me scream and shout

I think of you

All I do


What is new?

I’m torn in two

Everything I do

Life is true


Work and play

Every single day

A choice we make

While we work okay


Everything I write about

Wouldn’t be the same without

Things that make me scream and shout

That’s nothing new

Two paths it’s true

I think of you

All I do

Our Time is on the Line

IMG_6315 (002)

A race for the sun

We take a solo flight

There is no other way

There is no other fight

If we’re lucky we enjoy life more

The course we choose always matters

Our control comes from the core

In the sun’s progress the old us shatters

Our time is left behind

A future undefined


The race is won together

The end is always near

Quickly on the same page

We lose our nervous fear

If we’re lucky we enjoy life more

The path we choose always matters

How we roll comes from our core

The checkered flag is left in tatters

Our time’s no more behind

The future crossed the line


If we clash and toil

And blood begins to boil

We must work hard each day

Make life turn out okay

I’m disqualified for plain insight

But not going by the books

Only the moment tells what is right

Without empathy leaders become crooks

Let’s prove our love is fine

Our time is on the line

Institution to Find Recognition of Common Sense Thinking: Devotion and Spirit



At times I may seem incredibly dark

The institution seems so very bright

Not recognizing the confusing spark

Explosions you thought would erase the light

I remain so calm and try to express:

My thinking’s not wrong

With bad sense behind

Forget all the rest

Look into my mind


I can find peace

I can find fire

I can find pathways to dreams that inspire


At times I may seem hidden from the dark

The institution keeps me overnight

Not recognizing a walk in the park

Emotions you missed were pure out of sight

I remain calm still and try to express:

My thinking


My thinking’s not wrong

Common sense can be blind


Forget all the rest

Look into your mind


At times you say I do this just for a lark

The institution is not always right

Not recognizing the truth, cold and stark

Devotion you block while spirit you fight

I remain so calm and try to express…

Love and Space (Distancing)



Love and Space

Goals match how we live

Achieve if we strive

No matter what we give up


Let us face

Souls, standing apart

Separated always

but still close at heart:

We are distanced in space


It is

Who we know

It is

Where we go

Love from afar

It is

Who we are


Be safe like a Star

Shocked, Staying Safe, Reflections


When the corona virus began to have more impact on us, I was thinking of today and living in the moment.  I still am.  These are some tweet-poems stuck together.

I have this picture that I took on March 11.  It was serene, similar to the picture at the end of this post which I took even before that.  Since then, I have been thinking about how much the world has changed and I want to post something.  This ‘poem medley’ also starts off with the power outage that we had a few weekends ago.


Windstorm revelation…


Almost here


Darkness falls with

An electric thunderclap

A charged series of explosions

Echo into the night

Our grid shuts down to total

Pitch black silence

Ideas go cold

Appliances stop grumbling

All lights vanish

Into another


Power outage


As the storm rages outside

my head is also filled

with a series of bursts

Unexpected blasts

of the day’s events


I’m compelled,

Some will see this differently than me,

I have optimism and faith in the resilient spirit,


Meditate on now

Reflect and plan throughout the day

I still like the breeze on my face

as I walk down the stairs

Other times, I want to get back under the covers

And forget about my cares


We are as strong as life

as safe as our dreams

Everything we imagine is just as it seems


I’m upset that we often recognize the moon only for its ties to the night,

I rejoice when I see the moon in the day,

I enjoy that vision,

It was cool today until the gravity of the world came down,

What a heavy day,

Lucky to have blue sky to fall back on,


You are the one

to make things turn out

Break the chain

Extinguish pain

Power stays within closed doors

Still with our connections

Isolated but involved

in networks

You have the key for me

To endless possibility

To work out destiny

and end suffering

Outside there is light

For which we fight

Inside your bright days

Enable peace


The world changes around me

like any other day

I walk fast

and briskly turn a corner

I run into an old friend


I’m aware: it won’t last

never does

Yet we always meet again


Vintage moments happen at any time,

If we fixate on negatives we miss a chance to help the world,


Flatten the curve

The economy bounces

Wash and distance routinely

As culture renounces

Cycles of waste

Monthly losses

All adding up now

Light falls so swiftly

Rebounding soon somehow

Agents of health

Healing quickly by learning

and not getting sick again

We all bear the burden


Falling Angel



I’ve sunk to a new low

Hit the past day’s horizon

Pulled deep with the undertow

Across the space the sky’s on

I raise my cup to life

Drink coffee as I’m climbing

The day cuts like a knife

Impeccable in timing

As I rocket past

Through blue or grey: a blast


Darkness fades


A rebirth to years of

Cycles turning

Once closed to all light

Forever I’m learning

Not always aware

And never returning

The same as the night



A vision seen like clay pottery

Intricate design



Bright and dripping


Pouring rivers of molten lava

into flowing thoughts

through the trees

into the center of the Earth

You and I

Taking rehearsed dives into the dark

Into the night



Full of Life


Day fades into night

The joy of bright sunlight outside

flowing through open blinds

throwing warmth on the room

is absent

I’m surrounded by darkness

creeping in corners and under doors

Electric lamp has a shallow reach

But energy pervades

And I resonate with subconscious current


Dreams arrive now

Or moments later

Bright Depth



Depth to the depth

When shallow I’m hollow

A breath in and out

Time moves and I follow

Then in the West

We call out Apollo

His best must be left

In grooves that we follow


Daybreak has all of the plans

At night dreams start all over again

Lighting the way everyday

A test to the test

In fire I wallow


A splash of wisdom

A dash of defiance

I aim to be close to

Established compliance

I can’t complain

but we do need change

To challenge the system

And set a new stage


So today

I buck his-tor-y

Mine and the world’s

Try to redesign meaning

Of words we’ve unfurled

Bright ideas, dark days

My optimism is pure

Work and believing


Confess to the rest

When shallow we’re hollow

A breath in and out

Success proves how to follow

Guessed to be best

The world shouts a loud call-out

The rest must be blessed

In grooves that we follow


Daybreak has all of the plans

At night dreams start all over again

At the height of day

I work and pray

Success at the test

In fire I wallow


Smoke rising

Flames twisting

I waver like a leaf in the heated breeze

Not surprising

I’m resisting

Get past pain to find progress beneath


Our future is uncertain

and alternates positions

Staying strong in only one:

A stem of

Cool and calm visions