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Just Now

Just now:
Insanity?  Where do we run?
Sanctuary when will it come?
Time flies  when you are having fun!
Days drag when you don’t feel as one,
Need that piece of us to get by,
Meaning and thought that keeps us high,
Above fear, anger and toil,
We need spirit that is loyal,
Any moment that we can share,
When our calm mind can be aware,
Of ourselves, our freedom and love,
To find peace, when push comes to shove,
Work hard, play hard, and relax too,
We need to see a good way, to get through.

Prayer for peace


lord and ladyWell, I will admit this is inspired…

My friend sings a song about ‘o Lord, give me strength’, and she is not religious!!   It is catchy to me, and makes me wonder if even those of us who claim not to be religious have a little bit of hope from spiritual help inside them.

These are big questions.  I would love to hear comments, but I won’t hold my breath!

(BTW: meant to be taken with a grain of salt)

So over a glass of red, I write:

Striving for Peace, Co-operation and the Will to See it Through

Give me strength, my Lady,

My lady, give me strength,

When I feel your presence,

I will find ways to hold on through the years,

Outside: almost everything,

Our world, environment,

Earth, water, and sky,


Our thoughts reaching far beyond,

Intricate complexities,

Give me strength, my Lord,

Oh Lord, give me strength,

When I feel your presence,

I will find ways to hold on through the years,

Outside: boundless and infinite,

Creatures small, and massive,

Trees climbing so high,


Skyscrapers, reach far beyond

Intricate architecture,

Give me strength, my Lady,

My lady, give me strength,

Inside, what we are born with,

Our form is learned and taught,

Pure blood, bones and brains,


Each humble shape, begins meek

Elegant metamorphosis,

Give me strength, my Lord,

Oh Lord, give me strength,

Inside, we are given strength

Each of us has talents,

Sights, sounds, and bodies,


Driving movements start so meek,

Elegant solution

pocket of peace

Fast is the freedom, forever I run,

Chasing the leader, so quickly I’m done,

I stumble to find a pocket of peace,

The goal I was after made me captive,

Now I chase new dreams, and feel like I’m free,

Just stopping it seems, to find what can be,

Ignoring all that’s insignificant,

And trivial, indignant hypocrites,

Lost is the loneliness, last time I checked,

No limit on time, when I can reflect,

I am rushing to hear all that you say,

Tuning in for treasured moments with you,

Gold and platinum music, your cherished voice,

Friends, family, free populations rejoice,

A race is charged and changed by each new chance,

To get it all together and stand true,

Fast is the freedom, left me at last fall,

Luminous leader, can you hear the call?

Never heard it until I stood outside,

Learned from the sky and became more grounded,

Beside the nights, I fought hard for the days,

So we could be true friends all hours, always,

Nothing is seen as insurmountable,

Or impossible – just as we agreed,

If we falter we will reframe our goals,

Optimism will stay, charging our souls,

What if we should fall deep into trouble?

And in doubt on the outside we will stand,

Life we will live in the world we rebuild,

With our work and labour, hope must be filled,

Love leads my steps as I still long for peace,

Freedom and friendship just around the bend

to november 13 004

Companionship Rules

One of the biggest aspects of our lives is the social aspect.  Some of us manage just fine being independent, and don’t mind being alone for long periods of time.  I think that is more of an exception.  Most people crave some social interaction and some people cannot stand to be alone at all.  I think that we can endure solitude much better if we have an active imagination, and can learn to enjoy mindfulness and thinking to ourselves.  This is a poem that looks at companionship and how soul mates may always be close.  When we meet someone, there is a reason for it – however powerful or not that may be. To me this is a concept about spirit: soul mates connecting in time – two personalities at least temporarily brought together as one.

photo (2)


Companionship Rules

Healthy day with my most terrific friend,

Scenic view from the modest terrace ledge,

Rambling on about great stories of mine,

Making dinner at the best time to dine,

Hedge is taller – I can’t see my neighbour,

It’s just the season, I’m sure we’ll share more,

Chance meeting one day is a telling sign,

So, how are you doing?  Thank-you:  just fine!

Watch as the moment travels with the sun,

Through all night and through all of the weather,

What difference does it make, in the short run?

Whether we are alone – or we are together?

It’s clear to me that companionship rules,

But it’s hard to find peace with each other,

At times, being our own best friend is cool,

More nice to hear the voice of a lover,

The streets, a town, the city speaks of friends,

So close that the connection never ends,

The greatest of plans must start in one place,

On phone, in text, or expressed face to face,

Closest partners, discuss how they have met,

Rivers of stories, we’ll never forget,

Each one of us can share this moment – right?

Hearing ourselves:  all day and then all night,

How could it ever stop – this strong feeling?

You’re close to me, you’re the source of healing,

Just in the meantime, our closest love waits,

Everyone should know – we all have soul mates.