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All Planned Out?


Painting: Lee Matuga

I have awoken to music,

Hints of my dream frame life,

Just peripheral – the drive of my dream may never be realized…

I understand my goals, but they are frozen in time,

Only a few drops of purity drip down into what I know,

How do I break through?

Where is the passage?

Is it behind closed doors?

Or a blur in distant lights?

Am I through now and trapped only by doubt?

I think it all just takes time,

Clinging on to what we can,

We must seize the moment,

Savour the sweet and remit or spit out the bitter,

Build success thorough accumulating advances,

Integrate dreams with hard-work, good luck and patience,

Until we can make our stand and it all joins the plan,

Destiny driven by fragments of dreams,

The work ethic in free-will,

Guided by pure chance,

Creating fluid experience that should by all rights be a happy balance,

A project for all

Sounds good

9000feb2009 002

Forgive my stare, with no apprehension,

Your song each day invites my attention,

When you fly up so high into the sky,

I can’t climb up no matter how hard I try,

Don’t mind my haze, the fog down on the ground,

I wallow for days, when I can’t hear a sound,

Then uplifting moments as your voice chimes,

The dark hours melt into better times,

Forget the gloom that can silence the earth,

Your sight and sound, increase all of its worth,

Distinct beauty – it seems to be so rare,

Something in your quick glance says that you care,

When you look this way, then this is my day,

The sky blue or grey, For your music I pray

The photograph is connected to the sonnet, but this is not the main relationship that I refer to. 🙂

Casting words


Picture taken by my Dad


It has been a while since I posted, so I whipped this together…  Basically it is about a bit of uncertainty and getting hopes up.  There is an undertow that is welcome and leads to opportunity.  Working to remain optimistic and build on confidence.

It may seem to you:  I strut on heedless,

This week, I’m walking on pins and needles,

Sure of the next step, since there is no choice,

Unsure of what lies beyond that – Your voice

Promises chance, unexpected seed spills,

A decision made – that changes free wills,

These fast words to me are more than mere toys,

And your quick change of heart really annoys,

Just cast aside, caught in a branch downstream,

Line tied around the swamp grass and a reed,

More keen on the bait that is still moving,

Seems I swung my lure too far in a dream,

Background music that suggests I succeed,

Opening doors, things are still improving

Need Music – Your Rhythms to Survive

Swimming in a perfect V, soon changed to flying in a perfect V.   Takes a while to get into full flight, but sometimes our moves in our ‘teams’ are perfectly timed.  No wonder we are always testing the waters, or asking each other, “What’s up?”.




Sky Is the Limit….

Word comes down,

All good comes around

When you break it down,

Limit goes up and up


All the lows and highs,

When you plan the prize,

Limit goes up and up

I must make my way right to the source, yah

My good friend, I think you know why I am here,

Its the light I see in these days of course, yah

And in the dark our dreams come naturally,

Choosing the moves and our music soothes,

And all that I need is the synchronous grooves,

Word comes down,

All good comes around

When you break it down,

Limit goes up and up

Scraping the sky for diamonds in the rough,

Raising up high:  sun and stars in a cup,

The highs of you and me…

Choosing the moves and the music soothes,

And all that I need is the synchronous grooves,

Choosing the plays and the music stays,

And all that I need is the top of the days,

Word comes down,

All good comes around

When you break it down,

Limit goes up and up

pocket of peace

Fast is the freedom, forever I run,

Chasing the leader, so quickly I’m done,

I stumble to find a pocket of peace,

The goal I was after made me captive,

Now I chase new dreams, and feel like I’m free,

Just stopping it seems, to find what can be,

Ignoring all that’s insignificant,

And trivial, indignant hypocrites,

Lost is the loneliness, last time I checked,

No limit on time, when I can reflect,

I am rushing to hear all that you say,

Tuning in for treasured moments with you,

Gold and platinum music, your cherished voice,

Friends, family, free populations rejoice,

A race is charged and changed by each new chance,

To get it all together and stand true,

Fast is the freedom, left me at last fall,

Luminous leader, can you hear the call?

Never heard it until I stood outside,

Learned from the sky and became more grounded,

Beside the nights, I fought hard for the days,

So we could be true friends all hours, always,

Nothing is seen as insurmountable,

Or impossible – just as we agreed,

If we falter we will reframe our goals,

Optimism will stay, charging our souls,

What if we should fall deep into trouble?

And in doubt on the outside we will stand,

Life we will live in the world we rebuild,

With our work and labour, hope must be filled,

Love leads my steps as I still long for peace,

Freedom and friendship just around the bend

to november 13 004

Forming Power through Core Ideas

victoria 021I have been remiss in keeping up to date with my poetry – many years of low-productivity.

Here is something I just wrote:

Forming Power through Core Ideas

I don’t want to be lost in the process?

Or otherwise caught in the wrong moment,

If left thinking about a gear in time,

Looking for the outside machine grows old,

Nomadic thoughts, no matter anyways,

When transitions are made new thoughts can save,

Changing perspective at the right juncture,

Connects the machines and charges new plans,

At any given second a bright idea can be:

Hotter than the sun and far brighter than the moon and stars,

One sure point, internally energized and powerful,

Silent signals of tomorrow fuel plans of the future,

Igniting chain reactions, quietly,

At first the brilliance must be cradled,

The tie to the outer core is fragile,

And to the complete form, we must stay true,

Spinning and turning in the end is fine,

The shape inside must be perfected first,

Finely tuned instruments flowing, playing,

Divine atmosphere grows sure harmonies