Casting words


Picture taken by my Dad


It has been a while since I posted, so I whipped this together…  Basically it is about a bit of uncertainty and getting hopes up.  There is an undertow that is welcome and leads to opportunity.  Working to remain optimistic and build on confidence.

It may seem to you:  I strut on heedless,

This week, I’m walking on pins and needles,

Sure of the next step, since there is no choice,

Unsure of what lies beyond that – Your voice

Promises chance, unexpected seed spills,

A decision made – that changes free wills,

These fast words to me are more than mere toys,

And your quick change of heart really annoys,

Just cast aside, caught in a branch downstream,

Line tied around the swamp grass and a reed,

More keen on the bait that is still moving,

Seems I swung my lure too far in a dream,

Background music that suggests I succeed,

Opening doors, things are still improving

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