A Complete Game


Looking back now, this writing has changed a bit, but it is about modern communications, (phone, pc, etc.) and making a complete game.
This is my poem… Or at least I’m about to write it:

Breaking into Opportunities

Connection… In a heart beat,
Life-changing decisions travel down copper and glass channels,
Wires and fiber-optics,
What the Hell did I say?
Words and impressions ricochet:
I was really out there at the time,
Out on a limb, on the wire, connected…
A great understanding came over me,
And I paddled up the raging river of information,
Driven into another person’s perspectives: detailed programs,
Finding another rival,
Maybe a partner,
Combination – corner pocket,
In the middle of the game:  Making unheard of shots,
Forcing a difficult opportunity to win or lose,
A series of plays, a combination pushing opportunities into a complete game,
Win or lose,
Rack them up

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