Sounds good

9000feb2009 002

Forgive my stare, with no apprehension,

Your song each day invites my attention,

When you fly up so high into the sky,

I can’t climb up no matter how hard I try,

Don’t mind my haze, the fog down on the ground,

I wallow for days, when I can’t hear a sound,

Then uplifting moments as your voice chimes,

The dark hours melt into better times,

Forget the gloom that can silence the earth,

Your sight and sound, increase all of its worth,

Distinct beauty – it seems to be so rare,

Something in your quick glance says that you care,

When you look this way, then this is my day,

The sky blue or grey, For your music I pray

The photograph is connected to the sonnet, but this is not the main relationship that I refer to. 🙂

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