Circles of Power

to november 13 055


Loud ugly warrant echoes in your head,

Dark symphony with the heavy pretense,

Was it me or you that misunderstood?

Anger appeared just like our hunger should,

Cause when I hear it time after time,

Blood starts boiling, even with focussed mind,

Who has the right to be a hypocrite?

Give your head a shake and think about it,

If you had the time, would you show more reason?

This dimly-lit circle, filled with treason,

Is it all in my head? I don’t think so,

Where does the truth lie? We both think we know


In a power imbalance, sometimes empathy becomes more difficult – from both sides. Empathy can be overlooked when one in a power imbalance is reaching for a subjectively ‘greater’ goal.  This can seem like hypocrisy, and definitely create misunderstanding.   When we feel like we are on the receiving end of this, we can become bitter.  It is also easy to exaggerate the fault of others – when it is affecting us.

What I am alluding to in this poem, is that when you are all about certain values – it can cause a misunderstanding and anger when you appear to go against those values, and perhaps even unknowingly cause others grief in the process.  Yes, I’m angry today, but it will soon fade away. (It has faded away, realizing that it was just my perspective that caused a misunderstanding). In my opinion: forgiveness is absolutely important (but not so much that it makes you vulnerable).

Message: Practice what you preach.  Stand by your values – especially when preaching them.  BUT especially: Don’t lose site of empathy, yet be prepared to find it difficult at times.  Funny how the comfort zone that you create for yourself can even blind you to your own preaching and equality.  Often this is just a part of human nature?  We work hard for our goals and values, but when it is time to rest: sometimes we may lose sight.  Still, there is no excuse to ignore others if you have the resources to pay attention.

If you have worked hard and with consideration for your own quality of life: you deserve it!  If you can maintain health, and quality of life- and still can reach out to help others – there is no excuse not to.  We do need to make choices in how we spend our resources.  We can not lose sight of that, especially when we are trying to understand others.  Also: in a time of need, we must hold on to patience, be strong and be diligent in improving our own life and whenever possible, help other lives.

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