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Just Now

Just now:
Insanity?  Where do we run?
Sanctuary when will it come?
Time flies  when you are having fun!
Days drag when you don’t feel as one,
Need that piece of us to get by,
Meaning and thought that keeps us high,
Above fear, anger and toil,
We need spirit that is loyal,
Any moment that we can share,
When our calm mind can be aware,
Of ourselves, our freedom and love,
To find peace, when push comes to shove,
Work hard, play hard, and relax too,
We need to see a good way, to get through.

All Planned Out?


Painting: Lee Matuga

I have awoken to music,

Hints of my dream frame life,

Just peripheral – the drive of my dream may never be realized…

I understand my goals, but they are frozen in time,

Only a few drops of purity drip down into what I know,

How do I break through?

Where is the passage?

Is it behind closed doors?

Or a blur in distant lights?

Am I through now and trapped only by doubt?

I think it all just takes time,

Clinging on to what we can,

We must seize the moment,

Savour the sweet and remit or spit out the bitter,

Build success thorough accumulating advances,

Integrate dreams with hard-work, good luck and patience,

Until we can make our stand and it all joins the plan,

Destiny driven by fragments of dreams,

The work ethic in free-will,

Guided by pure chance,

Creating fluid experience that should by all rights be a happy balance,

A project for all

Moving Mountains

mikecell 10-2012 154

I am going to take a trip outside of our current season (Winter) and  address a metaphor that I have here.  When I look back at this picture, I remember a story.  A week or two before these signs were up, we walked the trail, and 3 out of 4 of us were stung (including the dog).  With the help of concerned hikers, we learned to avoid repeating the same stress.  Sometimes it takes a sign to know the best way.  Other times a memory can give the needed direction – to change paths, climb mountains and move mountains.  Relative to you when you are climbing a mountain:  The mountain is moving.

Freedom flowing through some frantic fancies

Writing down thoughts for action,

All important,

I do everything that’s on my list,

We only get this chance once in a while

Make the most of it, memories are made,

We’ve found time to spend! When we don’t get this:

Stress starts swarming like ferocious insects,

Several somehow squeezing through a screen,

Searching to sting exposed skin or suck blood,

I am planning now for the day ahead,

And the fierce scream of the bugs in my life

Fade away as I swat dead: irritants,

That once cluttered my working mind and time,

Now I can dream of the travel of days,

Through the fields, through the forest, on the trails,

On the road, under full skies, on we go,

Through the valley, the country, the city,

Once home’s found, I think of the day to be,

Separated from anxiety by

A thin shield of melted time – sand that slips

Through glass…Every vision I see is

Breathing without pain, without fear, without

Stress as long as the rhythm holds. We are

Fine-tuned engines if properly maintained,

Moving mountains while murmuring: our minds

Machines moving through massive mental skies,

Ideas I forgot or remember

Left over thoughts that incrementally

Build the beliefs and new resolutions,

Charge the decision and the will to move

Spending Wisely


Best wishes!   I have just a few thoughts on the best way to spend time and money.  It seems we are pretty much part of the economy and social demand – especially of those with power.  Sometimes this is a great thing – If we have food, shelter, and a good quality of life.  At other times, when we don’t fit in, we need to work hard to make ourselves productive.  When productivity that consistently increases other’s quality of life is not recognized with reward – there seems to be some failure in the system.  This microcosm may be hard to detect, but in the macrocosm, disparity must be recognized.  The insight of those that are in the positions of less power to affect their own outcomes, needs to be addressed.  It is important to consider that even a person who lives in poverty may have potentially great skills and attributes to contribute to society – that is not recognized, because it is not convenient to develop them.  Those without the skills have needs similar to anyone else and we must work together to help everyone have their needs met.

Spend Wisely

Shudder to think of all the wasted time,

Yet the play, the music, the art, and rhyme,

Allows the freedom to work for money,

Without peaceful moments or skies sunny,

There is no patience, no progress or goals,

Pushing for the reward can takes its tolls,

Seems best to have a friend to rely on,

To have a person’s shoulder to cry on,

A guitar for picking, to strum, or express,

Radios to play music that feels best,

TV is there, with a dog or a cat,

I never end my own internal chat,

Yes there is a time to get down to work,

I never avoid it, I will not shirk,

If I raise one soul’s quality of life,

Denying I’m working is the true strife,

Who is hired to make this world better?

Sign me up now, I’m a real go-getter,

When the sky crashes on a poor artist,

Have mercy to ask, ‘why did I start this?’

Was it to make money that creates peace?

That is cool – the best and please never cease,

But for money you can’t think how to spend,

Think again, ‘what ways, and what love can I send?’