Upon awaking

dimpath‘Does Not Stop Here’

Waking without direction,

In one instant: peaceful and mysterious surroundings,

One more surreal moment,

I am thinking of my dream, but the room is not the same,

It is unclear and dark,

Forced to step forward into the unknown,

Like a leap of faith just to live another day,

Futures planning,

Turn the light on,

Who has the healing hand, the spirit guide, the next best move?

I wait,

Levelling my thumb against the wind,

A hitch hiker,

We all seem like water-washed diamonds,

Then… with the cold sudden fury of a divine messenger,

The notes toll me back to myself,

A shower of rain,

A flood of reassurance,

More than natural in the mundane,

The day is young – not old,

I cannot recant or rescind,

From where I stay,

It is immaculate, encompassing,

Words spoken, or written, describe,

A call to friends,

The intelligence,

Not forlorn, not yet,

For we are together in some sense,

Until some end,

Reams piled carefully, not a pyre,

But the fuel of a blazing furnace, an engine,

The train does not stop here,

We travel far, carrying a heavy load,

One day to go,

One day at a time…

I had an essay written on this poem.  Comment if you would like to see it.  Is it fair to use the words of a muse upon awakening?

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