The Bright Side

Storm_Aug30_small (2)

Picture taken by my Dad

So you know when lightning hits and it gives you a charge?  You kind of laugh a bit and say, “Wow that was close!”  At the same time a bit nervous, but excited? Scared, but hoping it happens again?

This is a sonnet about problems, laughter and looking on the bright side that I connected to lightning.  It’s like laughing at problems can help deal with them.  So long as you can still laugh – it’s not that bad?

For me, at times, things will just be going along…and then: something really striking happens, that energizes me.

“Missing Lightning”

It’s great when you can laugh about what gives,

Problems can dissipate from perspectives,

Parts of pain in life fade fast with humour,

A sure sign is your smile – It suits you more,

You may laugh at things when they are funny,

Or you may have just broken down and cried,

Sometimes easy to enjoy irony,

Wait briefly, anger and fear may subside,

So amazing how it turns out this way,

A thunder crash shook up my soul today,

A thrilling laugh as I don’t think as much,

I sense each stray strike: every new touch,

When it’s too distant, I miss knowing this,

The unbridled power in lightning’s kiss

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