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Present Future

leepic 078 (2)

Painting: Lee Matuga

I’ve got a feeling about the future,

It is more than just another sunrise,

Exactly how it happens I’m not too sure,

But not everything new is a surprise,

We can predict things and they will come true,

We can make mistakes, and nothing turns out,

Planning our goals is a good thing to do,

Achieving our dreams comes without a doubt,

In sleep we walk as far as waking,

In waking we walk till we fall asleep,

In dreams there must be chance-taking,

In life we must take risks for what we keep,

In all our futures, safety comes in waves,

Calm or stormy shores, faith’s what often saves,


I’ve got a feeling about the future,

It is more than just another sunrise,

I want to be with you always, for sure,

I do, but that should come as no surprise,

I can predict things that sometimes come true,

Mostly because they are easy to see,

Being ready keeps me steady and you,

Make it no problem to see what I need,

In sleep time unravels till our waking,

In waking I love you until we sleep,

In dreams there may be no real news breaking,

But life is intertwined with thoughts we keep,

Our future and life comes to me in waves,

This love, like the tides – shore forever craves


Strong supports

morning in the city

Pleasure-filled moments of triumph living,

In my memories and in my new days,

Nothing is missing in these scattered times,

I have been without pain and now faith stays,

Now I have forgotten the suffering,

Even in dreams I am free to wander,

Love in the landscape that speeds below me,

As I lay down: no worries to ponder,

Then it happened, chance delivers a blow,

Falling through clouds, smashing down far below,

There was no warning sign as faith just died,

An empty void where my body had lied,

Pulled pieces together with help from friends,

Rebuilt the structures supporting my way,

Impulsive moves could disturb plans again,

A guide with compassion and it would stay,

Strength of the body, beauty in the mind,

Reason to believe in peace that I find


Strength comes from within, but friends and a compassionate guide can help restore faith.  Optimism also helps build peace.

Logical Assumptions

08-2013 002

Finding  Temporary Sanctuary… Intermittent Peace

Years that last forever, shapes unchanged, Rock of Ages, Beauty,

Endless, endless the nights without driven dreams, Awakens,

Exposing the stars, delivered by bright thoughts, Strength,

Forgive me for not knowing what I had come across,

Integral parts of the model locked in my mind,

Conversation like wet newspapers,

Crumbling as memory recedes,

Open to suggestions,

We rebuild,


Upon awaking

dimpath‘Does Not Stop Here’

Waking without direction,

In one instant: peaceful and mysterious surroundings,

One more surreal moment,

I am thinking of my dream, but the room is not the same,

It is unclear and dark,

Forced to step forward into the unknown,

Like a leap of faith just to live another day,

Futures planning,

Turn the light on,

Who has the healing hand, the spirit guide, the next best move?

I wait,

Levelling my thumb against the wind,

A hitch hiker,

We all seem like water-washed diamonds,

Then… with the cold sudden fury of a divine messenger,

The notes toll me back to myself,

A shower of rain,

A flood of reassurance,

More than natural in the mundane,

The day is young – not old,

I cannot recant or rescind,

From where I stay,

It is immaculate, encompassing,

Words spoken, or written, describe,

A call to friends,

The intelligence,

Not forlorn, not yet,

For we are together in some sense,

Until some end,

Reams piled carefully, not a pyre,

But the fuel of a blazing furnace, an engine,

The train does not stop here,

We travel far, carrying a heavy load,

One day to go,

One day at a time…

I had an essay written on this poem.  Comment if you would like to see it.  Is it fair to use the words of a muse upon awakening?


IMG_2780 (2)

Just a last minute thought for the day.



Blue in the face,

From yelling and screaming,

Can anyone hear what I’ve been dreaming?

My eyes are watering from staring at the sun,

The most perfect of circles has caught me undone,

First there is one,

Now there are eight globes streaming,

Can anyone see what I’ve been dreaming?

My body is shaking and its hard to find sleep,

The hill I’ve been climbing is forever steep,

Where is the top?

I look up as angels are teaming,

Can anyone feel what I’ve been dreaming?

I can taste the grit and smell the road’s dirt,

I made a fortune and then lost my shirt,

Not far to go…

The morning fog begins steaming,

Can anyone tell what I’ve been dreaming?