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Sounds good

9000feb2009 002

Forgive my stare, with no apprehension,

Your song each day invites my attention,

When you fly up so high into the sky,

I can’t climb up no matter how hard I try,

Don’t mind my haze, the fog down on the ground,

I wallow for days, when I can’t hear a sound,

Then uplifting moments as your voice chimes,

The dark hours melt into better times,

Forget the gloom that can silence the earth,

Your sight and sound, increase all of its worth,

Distinct beauty – it seems to be so rare,

Something in your quick glance says that you care,

When you look this way, then this is my day,

The sky blue or grey, For your music I pray

The photograph is connected to the sonnet, but this is not the main relationship that I refer to. 🙂

Strong supports

morning in the city

Pleasure-filled moments of triumph living,

In my memories and in my new days,

Nothing is missing in these scattered times,

I have been without pain and now faith stays,

Now I have forgotten the suffering,

Even in dreams I am free to wander,

Love in the landscape that speeds below me,

As I lay down: no worries to ponder,

Then it happened, chance delivers a blow,

Falling through clouds, smashing down far below,

There was no warning sign as faith just died,

An empty void where my body had lied,

Pulled pieces together with help from friends,

Rebuilt the structures supporting my way,

Impulsive moves could disturb plans again,

A guide with compassion and it would stay,

Strength of the body, beauty in the mind,

Reason to believe in peace that I find


Strength comes from within, but friends and a compassionate guide can help restore faith.  Optimism also helps build peace.

Logical Assumptions

08-2013 002

Finding  Temporary Sanctuary… Intermittent Peace

Years that last forever, shapes unchanged, Rock of Ages, Beauty,

Endless, endless the nights without driven dreams, Awakens,

Exposing the stars, delivered by bright thoughts, Strength,

Forgive me for not knowing what I had come across,

Integral parts of the model locked in my mind,

Conversation like wet newspapers,

Crumbling as memory recedes,

Open to suggestions,

We rebuild,