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Present Future

leepic 078 (2)

Painting: Lee Matuga

I’ve got a feeling about the future,

It is more than just another sunrise,

Exactly how it happens I’m not too sure,

But not everything new is a surprise,

We can predict things and they will come true,

We can make mistakes, and nothing turns out,

Planning our goals is a good thing to do,

Achieving our dreams comes without a doubt,

In sleep we walk as far as waking,

In waking we walk till we fall asleep,

In dreams there must be chance-taking,

In life we must take risks for what we keep,

In all our futures, safety comes in waves,

Calm or stormy shores, faith’s what often saves,


I’ve got a feeling about the future,

It is more than just another sunrise,

I want to be with you always, for sure,

I do, but that should come as no surprise,

I can predict things that sometimes come true,

Mostly because they are easy to see,

Being ready keeps me steady and you,

Make it no problem to see what I need,

In sleep time unravels till our waking,

In waking I love you until we sleep,

In dreams there may be no real news breaking,

But life is intertwined with thoughts we keep,

Our future and life comes to me in waves,

This love, like the tides – shore forever craves


Future Plans

stars 11-1 (2)


Up above in the sky I see the stars,

I want to reach up and strain to grab one,

Holding my whole life in my hands and arms,

I can see that I already have one,

Hello fine world – how you stay fair to me,

Beauty unbound in the rays that you shine,

I look away, your image I still see,

This earth we cradle, surely yours and mine,

Understanding should look to the future,

Optimism makes chances stay brighter,

Self-fulfilling prophecies are for sure,

Best occurring when feelings are lighter,

Life has so many trials and demands,

The constellations connect all our plans


up to Xmas2011 208

Oh well, what the hell can you do?

We had to burn a bridge or two,

Wake up ancient changeling,
Come see what the day brings,
Your mood will appear strong,
Can we hear your sweet song?
Generations of love,
With such strength from above,

Are we on the right side,

What does the future hide?
Spiritless culture frowns,
Bringing the faithful down,

Had to leave them behind,

Our efforts are still kind,
Patiently we will wait,
And hope it’s not too late

Seizing Opportunity


Picture taken by my Dad


Everyone expects it, in time: Change,

Like an eagle swooping out of the sky,

Grasping a meal, and seizing the future,

For the prey: life’s cycle comes to an end,

A final consequence of the action,

The eagle’s life is perpetuated,

I cannot be sure if I will rejoice

In the new day, high on top of the world,

With energy building, I see so far,

Or does the dream stop now? The tables turned?

With a great need for change, this idle life

Of the prey: a missed opportunity,

A form that may surely appear again,

But now has faded into the moment



I started writing this about the two paths that you can take at any given time.  Either way there are consequences – as we edge forward to reach our goals.  Missed opportunity can be a drag, but in some ways it could help us build for the future – make us hungrier.   In my opinion it helps your spirit to be optimistic.

Awaking Terrified, Falling into The Calm

This is something that I started in the middle of the night –last night.  Waking up terrified and then working it out for a few minutes on my computer:


Have I traded hard work and suffering for suffering and hard work?  If I could be doing what I want to – I wouldn’t even care….But the Risk!!!   I have left the construction industry to chase the big dream: graduate school, poetry and a better world for all.


I mean my yearly income is about to be cut in half… or worse…


Am I nuts?


For what: A shot at creating some freaking sanity, and looking into moral values?  Ease suffering in the world?  Yes all of that.


I have felt secure in the moment.  What happens when the rug comes out?  I fall into the abyss and bring my family with me?


I am not a heretic.  Maybe I am an idealist, a hopeless romantic – At times even a radical, religious thinker?


Where is my place in this world?  Yes the most obvious to me: Father, with family, but Healer?  Leader?  Trade worker?  A good percentage of the time, my experience tells me:  I am connected to an understanding that a lot of people in this world ignore OR don’t care to know at all.  These experiences, this connection-  Studying art, spirituality + psychology (whatever you want to call it):  It seems useless and fabricated to some.  To me, it is necessarily divine and transcendental.  Ha!!!  Art?  Perception is in the eye of the beholder.


How do I put this to work, pragmatically and efficiently?


What will people say?


The hidden job-market:  in this case – the buried, locked-up and extremely rare job market.  Am I the guy for the job???  There is that doctor at a famous university that said flat out: a PhD should be within my reach.


I get it.  While my goals are quite serious:  They are quite lofty, and quite difficult to achieve.  I didn’t entirely choose these goals on my own.  In many ways, they have chosen me.  So what?



The writing below has added up over the last while. The obligatory poetry… Sorry to drag it out.  I want to share this, even if it faces epic judgement.  It is another conversation with rhythm.


The Calm


I’m celebrating the things that might be,

The future is so elusive,

Forever waiting, it seems so blurry,

You know that it’s absolute, right?

Just take your shot…


Charge me for what I have not received yet,

So certain and so positive,

You insist on getting payment up front,

So distant and affirmative,

I’ll get what I want,


Today, I’m up – Really sucks to be down,

Left so dead, and moaning,

Lost my head, and beaten,

Still the sun rises…


Roll over, to kill the alarm,

Rock down, here comes the storm,

Jump up to answer the phone,

Get down, if you’re all alone,


I’m celebrating the things that might be,

The future is an illusion,

Forever chasing, but it’s never here,

You will know it when the truth comes,

Just don’t’ miss it…


Trudging, crawling, and grasping at the chance,

Creatures below reflecting stars,

And that’s just how it turns into a dance,

Lightning, CRASH!!! A downpour begins,

And it numbs the fear,


Rhythm overtakes those that are shaking,

Burned right up with fever,

Wake all night, sweat it out,

Soon the sun rises….


Step up, to be so well known,

Get down, if you’re all alone,

Roll over to conform to the norm,

Rock back down, and find the storm,


See a bridge, leading up into the sky,

Hostile but attainable, we can make it if we try,

Surely I can get there, with a little sacrifice,

The future is certain, but there’s always a big price,


Not that all my thoughts are so foreboding –

Top of a mountain, expecting nothing,

Now my thoughts are careening, corroding,

The fact is: joy and pain can make you sing,

I’m celebrating the things that might be,

The true future may be waiting,

Forever taking what it just might need,

You’re only sure when you get there,

It’s just a balance…


Jump up, to reach all the heights,

Get down, who killed the lights?

Roll over if you can still stay warm,

Rock hard, to charge into the storm….


Hold on tight,

To what’s inside,

Hold on tight,

To your insight,


Fluorescent whites of their eyes –
I see their surprise –
Did you bring the supplies?

The emotions inside,

Insight, choice…

She has more beauty than the sun on the wings of birds as they fly in the sunrise or the sunset,

As it plays in the morning dew in the cobwebs, or dances with the ripples in the waves in the sea at the day’s end,

All day long a glowing presence,

And a clear sky at night, perfection wove in the cloak of glittering stars, and reflected in the lonesome moon,

A meticulous purveyor of good attitude,

And thought that I should follow you,

And thought that I should follow you…


When you find there is more than one way up,

Take a breath – then go take another look…


Creative nourishment,

No question:  Wonder,

Torn asunder,

Blasting down lightning and thunder,

Crashing like a storm,

Sinking like a cloud,

Buried, as in the fog,

Awakening as the sun burns through,


I’m celebrating the things that might be,

Elusive but still waiting there,

The chance is certain, just so absolute,

In real-time the storm never ends,

We charge into the future