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Shift Work

2014 jan 063


God said feel your way fledgling,

And the lone young bird hopped off the branch, high in the tree top,

Day grew old,

And the sun sunk into a red fiery haze,

The young bird enveloped in darkness, as it sleeps through the night,

A small mammal wakes to the nighttime world,

The moon calmly nudges the creature into its nocturnal flight,

In search of food:  insects,

Mysterious travels

Sight in sound, beyond that




There is so much to see in nature.  Sometimes we can see a leap of faith.  At night, it is hard to see.  Sometimes I use my imagination (of course when we dream).  Cool to think about bats, that have a different sort of sense.  Flying through the night based on sonar.  At some point the travels between faith and sense are intersected by instinct – impulsivity.  There definitely seems to be a period of learning.