Scenery Figures in Time

Buntzen Lake

The form of the beach is so finely determined,

The criss-cross of shoe treads looking like bird prints,

Even the far shore is alive with colour,

Lying fog more apparent on the other –


The channel right between where the mountains meet,

The hydro station past the green, buried deep,

These bright creations converge near the pavement,

As human nature wades in on the ancient –


A strong tree grows from the hundred-year-old stump,

Some fishing boats troll for trout near the pump,

Engineering feats are often in these years,

World view that’s secluded – to me seems quite clear –


Planes above, dimensions are on level ground,

Beach view, city view – won’t change my reaction,

Bad mood, or good mood is where my action’s found,

It’s the natural social-species question,


How do we keep things from falling all over?

It’s what we receive from the environment,

We need confidence to keep it all rolling,

Strategies to handle what’s inside our head –


Everything around us has an effect,

If this lake of water has so much power,

It will change in time with the way we reflect,

As it has changed my time in the last hour,





Wild side~

I had a chance to go to my ‘sanctuary’ today.  I need that time to think.  It is also calming for me to write, so before I made all my plans for work and chores, I took a bit of time to write the poem above.  You can actually hike way up into the mountains here.  There’s waterfalls – both natural, and part of the hydro system.  Up at the top – it feels more pristine, but the lake and beach are still inspiring and beautiful. B.C. eh?

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