Chance favours the prepared mind

Creating chance means being prepared.  Sometimes when we are not vigilant or unaware we can miss a great chance.  Sometimes we let our guard down and bad luck creeps in.  There always seems to be a lesson for us.  Maybe at that moment that we thought we really lost an opportunity:  We actually permitted another opportunity… something equally rewarding or better.   Everything happens for a reason.  Being ready to seize the moment, yet stay relaxed can pay off.

It is good to stay optimistic.  Being prepared this way enables good luck.  To me it seems that somehow – optimism turns the odds in our favour-  sometimes just slightly…. at other times: immensely.  A relaxed, confident state of mind can open doors…. often by starting a good conversation, and creating energy to make things happen.

Think things through,

Feel free-flowing energy: emerging, enabling,

Permitting, persuading, persevering,

Curing, creating, kind and calculated chance:

chores and challenges achieved.

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