Genetics in poetry

I am taking a course on genetics right now.  I think the following poem uses the vocabulary fairly accurately.  One question is about when polymerase forms.  Actually the couplet was reversed initially, so that the polymerase is present before the dividing of dna strands, but the accuracy of the poem as it sits may be debatable.

Very interesting studies…

Scientists are working hard to solve problems that have come down from our ancient ancestors.  Genetics can often provide ways of dealing with diseases that may affect us.  Of course much of the very specific behaviour and characteristics of our being is defined by genetics… in some cases: it is the main reason for attributes.  The same holds true in mental health.  The ways that we respond to stress and mental health issues can always be connected to genetics in some way.  It is the way we deal with our genetic make-up that can really help us with these given traits.  For example, by eating well, exercising, not abusing substances, sleeping well and practicing relaxation techniques – we can balance out problems that may arise from our genetics.


Genetic Advances

What is the energy that binds us all together?

Chemical electricity – Static through all weather?

Is it some kind of gravity that chains us to this rock?

Emotion can be binding, if molecules could talk!


Sometimes it can be- how much a pair really tolerates,

The answer could lie in the resulting polymerase,

Cause and effect that broke off one of the loose strands,

In dimmer days I had to think that it’s all been planned,


Out of the nucleus and into the space between,

Having learned exactly how it worked at the last scene,

Nucleotides times three in this clever biology,

To be tried by the ribosome to provide what we need,


The precision in this mystery creates proteins,

That keeps us moving, adapting – it can be so clean,

Sometimes along the way, reproduction changes it all,

X-linked, complex, autosomal – drastic starts out so small,


A rumour voiced so simple can turn so complicated,

With time science learns how this can be anticipated,

New found poise can allow us to prepare for the worst,

Mutant choice, no longer is necessarily cursed,


No easy answer can be expected in this case,

I would think that there is no need to have to save face,

People working on stronger solutions every day,

In an endless reaction, we make it work this way




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