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Prometheus’ plea


Prometheus Rising

Perception may be necessarily true,

Your vision comes first, then I’m after you,

At some times that depends on what you construe,

In parallel I’m perceived first –  we must assume,

Now I have found just what I’m looking for,

Optimism growing and opening your door,

Focusing on time with our face in the screen,

Avoiding turbulence in life if you know what I mean,

A disgruntled soldier faces endless days,

To find a new passage to the happy place,

Smiles on the inside now that it is better,

Fought off suffering when under the weather,

Here’s a slice of heaven to brighten the earth,

What was found in the stars gave creative mirth,

Before climbing to the sun – chained to a rock,

Day tomorrow the same, swear to break the lock,

Eagle eyes my own as my liver’s eaten,

Desires to find the mood has left me beaten,

Mighty Zeus high above: why is it wrong to share?

The fire is finely crafted to make us more aware

I started this poem this weekend (partly inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley and a supervisor…).  For now I have finished it.  In myth Prometheus stole fire from the sun (metaphor for art) and was punished by Zeus.  In the end, I tie this into the blog below.

It has been drawn to my attention that mindfulness, by convention – is only mindfulness of the present.  Sorry if I have reworked that to include mindfulness of the future and past.   In the traditional definition: focus on breathing, and sensations, without pain – in the present moment is very powerful.  This is a hugely popular and – in fact: ancient strategy.  I do not want to discredit myself or offend anyone by mistreating this important term.

My layman’s take on it is that thinking about or being mindful of other thoughts is also effective to avoid pain or depression.  Maybe I am looking at a homonym for mindfulness that might be defined as: being full of thinking (and productive thinking).  To me thinking about a good time or a future moment of content can take my mind to a better place,  and include planning.  This has been therapeutic for me.  We are all different.  I hope that these ideas help, but I can’t be sure.  When I am doing a tedious job, I often make plans for the future and set goals.  This helps me get by and time seems to move faster.

I guess Prometheus may have been condemned because art may be very unique.  To try to share art (for example: ideas about mindfulness), with the masses – he must appeal to everyone.  That is extremely difficult or impossible.  What appeals – or is therapeutic to one person may be the opposite for someone else.  It seems to be a straight-forward metaphor that art – like fire: can be dangerous in the wrong hands?   I still think that Zeus could go easy on him, especially if Prometheus was able to finally prove that his art had a general utilitarian value.