Mindfulness till comforted


When sorrow is pouring down like a torrential sleet,

No shelter, no warmth,

A coat with a broken zipper,

Become the elements.

Become the ice, become the aching water in your shoes,

Become the emptiness.

It does not surround you.  You surround it.  You will outlast it.

In time a ray of warmth will pierce the pain.

For now you are your world,

In time you will be refreshed,

Colours of peace and whispers of comfort

Will soon touch your life,

You cannot ignore them,

As we carry on to the next content moment,

With a cup of water to quench our thirst,


and a fine light to see by

I have started to take on a course to help people suffering from depression and mania (bipolar disorder).  There are a lot of things to be happy for, but sometimes they are so hard to see- obscured by troubles and the haze of depression.  Sometimes we have had a bad run of luck.  We often have a lot to think about.  Truth is, I am alone right now, and my writings have been inspired by music in the background: Elvis.  Not a fan of Elvis?  I never heard anyone say that before.   Again, this poem is about mindfulness. Mindfulness is a great tool in overcoming boredom.

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