Mood: Balance through mindfulness


Painting: Lee Matuga

Ya…  Mindfulness can be a challenge when what you are being forced to do is in some way horrible.  I hate to think of the different nastiness that a person can go through.  Real pain or disgust is hard to bury with thought, but through practice like meditation:  it is possible to some degree.  In this case, I suggest relying on the promise of that ‘cup of water’ to quench thirst, or some moment of content.  Looking to a conversation with a friend or a view of the mountains, lake or even trees in the big city could help many people.  Humour is GREAT.  To see the humour in things may in fact outweigh many other types of mindfulness.   If that is not available, sometimes the imagination can be a great get-away:  picturing what we want to picture.  We can reach this through a memory, a potential future or even a fantasy.  Mindfulness of the present is most often described as the answer, but other forms of mindfulness (eg. A memory, something to look forward to, or a fantasy) can also bridge that time that is difficult to endure.

I feel a bit lazy to be drawing on my past lyrics for some of my blogs, but I am making sure to spend time on fresh ones, like yesterday…  This below – was written a few years ago.


Pointing at it, pouring into it,

Biding my time.

Thinking of it, yearning for it,

Biding my time.

Push … Push …No answers, No escape. Where will I go?

Will I ever advance to a thoughtful path?

Quiet decision and Then,

The calm nirvana surrounds my universe.

Permeates my consciousness.

Will I be here for long?  Will it be here for long?

Will I come back soon?  Will I falter?

My world is protected on all sides,


Calm fulfilling energy, Peaceful train of thoughts travels to different corners of my mind,

Chorus:           The future, the past.

Investigating all that is present, on the journey.

How will it continue?

What is next, and will it be safe?

Stay peaceful, if you are strong, smart and modest enough.

Still peaceful – considerate,

Bold.  Pervasive.  Thirst for knowledge.

Drinking from it, drowning in it,

Biding my time,

Striving for it, Straying from it,

Biding my time,

Reach …   Reach . . . No answers, No release, Where will I go,

Will I ever advance from this thoughtless mood?

Loud intrusion and then

Vile anxiety surrounds my universe,

Permeates my consciousness

Will I be here for long?  Will it be here much longer?

Will I leave here soon?

Will I escape?

My world is closing in on all sides,

Leave Now, Fearful train of thoughts travels to different corners of my mind,

Steam rises of the distant stress, Here we go again- another test.


Come take the test.

What is the test?  Maybe balance – the ability to focus: find content.  We all go through it.  Nirvana…  Is it a myth??  A band – Yup.  Part of everyday life for people – I hope so, even for a few moments.   I’m not going to look up the definition.  I just trust that it involves great balance and content.  In this life- I would suggest that if it does exist: for most people it is temporary.  I’m not talking levitating or anything like that.  I’m talking: a cup of water when you’re thirsty, a beautiful sunset, a great conversation, a great tune in a enjoyable environment.  Hmmm…  What else is purely pleasurable?  An A1 mood.  The ability to shut everything negative out through mindfulness?  Enlightenment??  Really??   How complex could it be? I am watering down a very complex and revered concept.  Please add a comment, so I can offer a defense.

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