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Focus in Mindfulness


Sunday night… pretty low key.  I’m thinking about some stuff that I wrote about ‘focus.’  It’s a big topic.  It could be like a type of career, or a part of social life.  It could be one song or one word.  In fact it is one word that basically means: “To direct one’s attention to something.”  There are other meanings as well.

So ‘focus’:  that’s like your next meal, relaxation with TV, music –or whatever.  Like something to think about, laugh or sigh or just focus on until there is something else to do (or that needs to be done).  When we can get thru the moment, even by looking forward to seeing a meal, a jam, family, a television show or anything like a focus:  the dull times don’t seem so dull.  I’ve read a lot about this mindfulness- just paying attention to the moment.  I think it helps avoid thinking about things that aren’t as necessary.  Just get into the moment: work, play whatever. When you watch the little details: you can enjoy the moment or at least find the patience you need to get through to the next content moment.  It has really helped me to maintain peace of mind by keeping myself focused on the task at hand, and enjoying the really fine details of what is going on.  Keeping my mind busy – even with something simple like mowing the lawn or listening to some tunes can actually make it easier to just get by.  Picturing the process can help facilitate a productive state of mind in the present, while also being ready for the next sequence of events.

This is a poem that is troubled in some ways, but involves focus on the environment.  It was written over a decade ago.  In the end you will see the return to an ongoing concern.   For many this concern is sobriety.  Others might view this resolution to be a way of avoiding bad weather.  Mindfulness can help with a variety of problems, including:  weathering the storm, and also avoiding substance use.

The poem here….AGAIN… is not really on line with the exact sentiments of the blog, but in the start of this blog page, I decided to put some of my writing with each one of these psychological (and hopefully practical) blogs.  I hope that it is a literature mix that will hold your attention/focus.  By the way, in my life, I have rarely had a drink before noon, and when I have, there would have been a good reason, like holidays, or a recognized celebration…

Hang Ups

In the vast expanse of human society

I explore the experience and taste sobriety,

Then changing a vow, which breaks early in the day,

I come back to where I was, and I’m on my way,

The sun like me is high in the sky

The smoke is rising

The lizard crawls

The waves are crashing,

Like bar room brawls

A reaction is surprising

Saved up money for strip malls

The dollars I’m stashing are enjoyed by all,

In the midday hours the seconds tick by

I walk the streets in hopes the fast cars comply,

I might hail a taxi, but I’d rather walk,

Down the corridor on a bus amidst casual talk

Above cars fuming

The seagull flies,

The traffic is buzzing

Forlorn are the cries,

Dark clouds are looming,

There’s water in the skies,

Umbrellas by the dozens can help keep me dry