Carefully Conceive

I see them fake effort

just to save face

As I try to make the world

a better place

They have their position

of power and privilege

I have some of the same

but hang closer to the edge



A supervisor or big boss

By no means all of them

but many

are unfair with what they’ve got


Politicians and directors

Right down to you and me

Complete power corrupts

We need accountability

Unfair words and actions

hurt our entire integrity

That includes everyone

Top bosses

Right down to you and me

Global affairs and big business

To friends and family

We must consider

Small lives

in the big picture

It’s our responsibility


It comes right down

to you and me

And how we think

We ought to be


Carefully consider

How far

Our words and actions reach

Who do we touch?

Are we a positive influence?

What is too much?

Are we causing incidents?

What is not enough?

Let’s just use

more common sense


Don’t be a narcissistic freak

Yes: consider ourselves

And our people

But first consider the meek

And those that kindly compete

Whatever we do

Strive for good over evil

And always believe

That we can achieve

More wellness for all

We should

Work on how to conceive

A world that embraces

More love

And grows into more peace


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