The Climate the Day Brings

Always sun rises

Each sky, new disguises

Wearing grey or blue

Sharing light

And the climate the day brings


Weather determines mood

At times, a rude awakening

Life has surprises

All the time

Like a storm or sunshine:

The next big breaking thing


Celebrations we find or

Battles ongoing

Pleasure and joy

Or troubles that ache and sting


Always love rises

Each high will entice us

Snaring me and you

Caring right

With insight the day brings


Events determine mood

Thunder a new awakening

Lightning that guides us

All the time

Like a storm then sunshine:

The very next waking thing


Celebrations we find

Or battles ongoing

Pressure or annoyance

Or good vibes to make us sing


Now is forever

We know the feeling

Find grace in the moment

In our core, as we’re dealing


Now is for ever

Hopefully healing

From the ground to the sky

From the floor to the ceiling


Find life in the moment

With caring caresses

Now is forever



Not stresses

Choose what is best

Always every moment


Always life rises

Each cry to the sky says

Dare to be so true

Baring Might

For time that the day brings


Health determines mood



True awakening

Lifelines supply us

All the time

Like a storm or sunshine:

The next give and take thing

Celebration we find or

Battle ongoing

Passage and voyage

Balance when we fake nothing


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