Perfect Storm and Breaking Light

The perfect storm

can seem

exceedingly normal

But in an instant

it can become

completely difficult


When it’s thrown into the mix

It’s nothing you can’t fix


The driving force of my nightmare

Sifts for a good dream

With a twist


The source of my delight

Or the bane of my existence

When crashing down like this


I have never missed


A perfect storm

Can be totally unusual

But in an instant

Can become all reality


House of straw or wood or bricks

Pull no punches and no tricks


The pounding rain of darkest clouds

Shifts to gentle steam

When sun-kissed


A healing light eternal

Cleanses pain from existence

When reaching out like this


Releasing a clenched fist


All is calm    

Relax now

Roll with waves as they charge up


The perfect calm can seem exceedingly chill

Within instants

It can stretch out

Deep into forever


Still play hard and get our kicks

Work to get in all our licks


The soothing voice inside our head

Lifts us past each sun beam

You get the gist


Faith happens day or night

The main part of our existence

When chasing dreams like this


Each day we can find bliss


Perfect storm

Relax now

Roll with eternal waves

All is calm

Just ask how

Roll with waves as they charge

Then surge with clouds

As they open

Crashing down

Till we are soaking

Crackling lightening

Silence broken

Thunder above

Clear words are spoken


An intense change of energy 

Arrives day or night

The calm we know first is

The breaking light


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