Oh My

Oh my

Inspired moments

Steady for many

Pushing to be coping

Ready for anything

Any emotion


Oh my

Guilty conscience

But I’ve done nothing

Except lie to myself

Like I should have done something different


Hold it there

These visions are hidden

You have to be kidding

Please tell me

What precisely

is your point of view?


Oh my

Desired moment

Working for many

It’s like no one knows it

As I try everything

With all my devotion


Oh my

Guilty pleasures

But I do nothing

Except care for my days

Like I should do

Something different?


“Hold on” you say

I’m unwittingly smitten

You have got to be kidding

Please tell me

How the Hell

Each day looks to you 


No innocence lost

In this life to dangers

Speaking my mind

To close friends and strangers

Clear or clouded but pure

Cringy or courageous 

Catch the last thought

Then make your wagers

Breathe deeply

And bet if you must

The rage can rest

If in my truth you trust

But we will never get settled

Till we’re

Bones and dust


Oh my

Defining moment

Realistic to many

It depends how it shows up

I try to do something

Hold on to this notion


Oh my

Guilty as charged

I want nothing more

Than your attention

For synergy

So we can make a difference


Hold on tight

To letters I’ve written

I must be kidding?

Please tell me


What else can I do?


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