Wise Words

“Keep your head down!”

Clearly we’ve been told

Some folks won’t look up

Fearing heights and growing old

Many stare at the ground

No inspiration to be found

Shuffling steps the only sound

While freedom flies overhead


In the skies birds

share highs instead

Unheard like butterflies

Or wise words

that might be said

As kind spirits weave a thread


Turn yourself round

Don’t you be so bold

Some people attack you and me

Because they can’t get ahold 

Then they stare at the ground

Yet no remorse to be found 

They can’t understand what it’s about

They fight for their life instead 


In your cries pure

Share your life ahead 

Be heard and emphasize

The wise words

that make most sense

As we live with what we’ve said


We don’t have to fight all the time

We shouldn’t have to anyways

We could try to find peace of mind

Through intense connection to calm in the day

Light that never fades away

Melts into healthy praise

In our fight for life

Wise words

Can help out in every way

Help us think okay

Bright courage that can stay


Try to be grounded

But we don’t fit the mould

Sometimes we are out of this world

Can’t conform like we’re told

When we finally hit the ground

Dynamic dreams we have found

Get us ahead by leaps and bounds

Sure fire way to get ahead


Why are your eyes so blurred

Sharing a fiery red?

I hope today the pain subsides

Wise words

The safest bet


Calm, kind thoughts

We won’t regret 

And may never be misled


Wise words

Can tame a strong wild world

and keep it in our head 


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