When Reconciliation Grows

I am weird

I am sure

Stepping on toes

Like no one knows

Presumptuous moment

Is not one that I chose

A little history

Is as far as it goes

But to people that don’t look close

It might seem that I pose


I can’t even pose for a camera

Never mind lie

The truth that I have for ya

Won’t ever die


I am wild for a while

Fighting off woes

Like no one knows

Controversial moment

Is not one that I chose

With surprising history

I’m caught in the throes

People not close

who just suppose

Might end up being

unfortunate foes

But not intentionally!

I’m a loving guy

The truth I keep mentioning

Won’t ever die


Truth won’t die

Although it may change form

From different angles

It may be a storm


Wake up

To see truth and be reborn

When evening comes

Pray for a sky that’s orange


Rest all those



Awake all those

Forever drifting

Find truth within

Never let it be torn

Reconcile all

With those forlorn


How can we meet

Your challenges together?

We can’t even say

what we want to say

When we talk to each other

How can you overcome


Tears, fears and jeers

Without developing



Anger or disconnect?

How do we find progress when

communication won’t get through

to those who can help

and even our understanding

can turn out to be untrue?


Menacing lies

Lead to complete chaos

Destruction of

Our free space and

a constant struggle that is real

Look ahead to tomorrow

Find a righteous feeling

Battle for the better world

That chaos can conceal

Hold on tight

Life depends on time

Breathe and calmly flow

Be kind to our mind

Clear thoughts lead to fair actions

When reconciliation grows


I am ignored for sure

Sinking to my new lows

Like no one knows

The most elusive moment

Is the one that I chose

Connects to history

Like a raven to swarming crows

All the people’s codes

Are just thorns to our rose


The blooms that grow slow get

Hidden to the naked eye

The truth that we don’t know yet

Won’t ever die


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