All Those Alive

Looking out with no doubt

My attitude is my protection

I’m in no mood to worry about

If the world is just reflection

Gracefully preparing to launch

high into the sky

like an unfolding transformer

whose other form can fly

Not prehistoric

And can’t be ignored

When my


is spied

Countdown commences

No false pretenses

Please don’t provoke

I can’t help but sting

Common sense is no joke

I really don’t mean to

But I might be seen to

My king invoke

This is the thing

Don’t set yourself up

Catch me and shake me

in a plastic cup

As my wings start to sing

My body starts to move

I lunge and you swoon

When I’m “All Shook Up”

Blending in


Harmless as a fly

I can jump a mile

If you ask me to, I’ll try

Peace of the leaves

and the trees

and the sprawling skies

Motivate me to speak about the world

as I see it through my open eyes

Hopefully sharing

Ways to stay aware and

To enjoy staying alive

While also having fun

or at least having calm arrive

I’m not quite fitting in yet today

but soon I will

Then I’ll be on my way again

Every day is filled

Back to the wild of

My own habitat

And the Zen of my domain

I like coming here

While I’m still green

No envy

And for now, no pain

All the while

I learn about life

Anticipating loss or gain

Calmly standing out with a smile

Waiting for the rain

Indulge me for a moment

Or two or five or ten

We could always catch up later

When you get back again

For now, this is how it’s going

Catch these curves I’m throwing

Put a spin on time, it’s slowing

Seconds become minutes become hours

Gelling with our super powers

As we devour

The growing flowers

Until they scour the garden

Or it showers in our den

Take off or landing

Looks like I am standing

I climb up to the sky

Or swim in water rising high

When winter ice arrives

We might be somewhere else

Rain pours and sleet pelts

Then again ice melts

And we are back here demanding

the schools within these swells

Sustenance a season sells

Waves of life help us withstand

the hottest summer spells

A tight rope act

High above our head

Determines the way

that we get fed

Supplies arrive

Food chain sometimes awry

Eyes see red

If you tread

On my path instead of yours

Need has always led

And desire sped

Today the wire is higher

Cooking meals on a fire

Cling tight to our thread

Respecting what is said

All those alive

And the sacred dead

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